Customer Appreciation Day at Bank Turns Into Epic Gift Giving [Video]


July 25 was a date to remember for many of those that do business with TD Canada Trust.  That day was Customer Appreciation Day at the bank and it became an epic day of gift giving in which some of the long time bank patrons got the surprise of their lives. TD Canada Trust wanted to give back to their community and the financial institutions’s officials took that sentiment to the highest level by using their time and resources to determine which of their customers could use a helping hand. From a mother who is trying to help her daughter in Trinidad, who is suffering from cancer, to a young mom barely making ends meet, TD Canada took the idea of  “giving back” to a whole new level.

There were several measures put in place by TD Canada Trust to show their appreciation to their customers. First, the bank contacted some of their online customers and let them know that their branch would be giving them $20.00 through a direct deposit to their accounts, as well as some other prizes. This was no small undertaking – the orchestration of this gift of money included the distribution of funds by over 20,000 employees working in over 1,000 branches of the bank.

A second method the bank used to show its appreciation involved those that came to do their business at the in-building ATM. When these patrons used the ATM, they were surprised with extra cash and in some cases, flowers and other gifts. Third, some patrons that were invited to use a “special” ATM received even more significant amounts of “appreciation” including airline tickets, special sports connections, and even tickets to Disneyland for a mother who could not have provided anything like that for her children. The generosity, personalization and the overwhelming thoughtfulness of each individual gift took quite a bit of work on the part of bank employees and clearly demonstrated TD Canada’s commitment to “giving back.”

The bank put an epic effort into the purpose of Customer Appreciate Day not just by giving money but by taking a personal approach that involved some specific needs of some of their long-term customers.  In order to match the right gifts with the right patrons, the employees directly asked certain people to come in and participate in a test group to get feedback on what they called the new “Thinking Machines” and to check out their upgraded features. The “Thinking Machines” were set up in various branch locations throughout Canada. The lucky, and by the bank’s assessment “in need”  patrons were chosen by bank employees and the video below has the emotional footage obtained by hidden cameras which caught the action and reactions to the corporation’s distribution of presents. The gifts these patrons received ranged from fun to heart warming, their reactions are priceless and their surprise and joy is evident on their faces. It is a video that truly stirs the heart.

TD Canada Trust has their main branch in Toronto, and as evidenced by their website, the company’s main goal is to provide personalized service while upholding the highest standards and security. The name of the bank’s video really says it all, “Sometimes you just want to say thank you –  #TDThanksYou.” These lucky customers found out the real meaning of customer appreciation with epic gifts from the “Automated Thanking Machines” that were not only amazing but because of their personalized nature were clearly given with a heartfelt sincerity rarely seen in the corporate world.

by Kristi Cereska

ABC 15
TD Canada Trust
Channel 95.5

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  1. Arther F   August 25, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Bunch of B.S…..30,000 customers were “appreciated” out of how many million? If you’re going to have a customer appreciation day you do it for all your customers like Ford and Sears do with their specials…not a select few…..and they only contacted “some” of their customers online as you say …. As a TD account holder…I’ve now switched much of my banking to what was my secondary financial institution!


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