Doctor Who Lesbian Kiss Complaints Answered by Ofcom

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Doctor Who

Ofcom has answered those who complained again the lesbian kiss on Doctor Who’s first episode of season eight. The premiere was faced with mixed reviews over the whole show, but certainly the first kiss between characters Jenny Flint and Madam Vastra.

Despite playing the lesbian couple for three years, this was the first time the two shared a kiss on the screen. While many praised the show for making this decision, others have complained that the BBC has a “gay agenda.” Some have stated that it was inappropriate, especially considering it was aired before the watershed.

Ofcom, the TV regulator in Britain, has disagreed with the complaints. There was nothing inappropriate about it, and there is no need to investigate it further. This will likely make many who praised the decision happy, as more of this may be showed in later episodes and seasons.

Had the officials ruled in favor of the complaints, it could have raised further complaints. There would be a sense that same sex couples were being discriminated against.

This is likely where the initial complaints have come from. Despite the nation moving towards equal rights for same sex couples, many do not want to see it in front of them. That means they want it hidden from the TV screens. The kiss between the two female characters is not the first to be complained about. However, Ofcom has issued a statement saying that lesbian and gay couples will not be discriminated against on shows. The Doctor Who lesbian kiss complaints have been answered by Ofcom and deemed appropriate.

Some of the complaints may not have been due to the fact it was a lesbian kiss. This was also a kiss between an alien and human; with the alien being a lizard. That may have added to the uncomfortable viewing.

There was at least one complaint about the move towards porn, and a viewer accused the BBC of wanting to be a “porn channel.” This has sparked complaints from others who view the kiss as nothing more than that. There has been much worse on the BBC in the past, albeit after the watershed. For example, The Tudors was aired on the channel and involved a lot of nudity and sex on screen. There were very few complaints regarding that.

Many fans of Doctor Who have shared their annoyance for Ofcom having to investigate the complaints. Some people did not even remembering the kiss happening, while others say that people are finding anything to complain about now. There have also been jokes regarding lizards adopting and the kiss making people want to become lesbian lizards.

Some viewers have made it clear that the kiss was not quite a kiss. The storyline involved characters all having to hold their breaths, and Jenny was struggling. As an alien and lizard, Madam Vastra stored oxygen in her lungs and was sharing her oxygen with her wife. There was nothing sexual about it, and it was about saving her wife’s life. However, those complaining looked past that and deemed it inappropriate. Ofcom has answered the Doctor Who lesbian kiss complaints and decided there is no need to investigate it further.

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