The Vampire Diaries Season Six Hints and Spoilers

The Vampire Diaries

With season six of The Vampire Diaries just around the corner, there are now more hints and spoilers about it. There has only been one teaser trailer for the season so far, and it certainly does not give much away. It is likely to be an explosive season considering it could be the end of the series completely.

Season five ended with the “other side” collapsing and Damon and Bonnie dead for good. Well, that is what Julie Plec wants people to believe. There are high chances that she and her writers will find some way of bringing them back; they usually do. So far, Ian Somerhalder has made it clear that his death was not the end of his character, and the trailer supports that.

The Vampire Diaries season six will kick off four months after the event. This will be disappointing for some but will show where the characters are now and how they are coping. For Elena, it is clear that she is involved in some drug that will help her hallucinate her boyfriend. It also seems like she is turning to former love interest Stefan for some help.

However, Stefan is dealing with the loss of his brother, and is going to be miles away from Mystic Falls. It makes sense, considering the Traveller magic made it so that there was no witch magic in Mystic Falls. That means no vampires are allowed, so Stefan and the rest would have to go somewhere else.

However, the hints and spoilers for The Vampire Diaries season six show that Stefan may be running away from his grief; or maybe trying to move on. He has picked up a job in a “surprising profession” and is living his life. This would not be the first time he has moved on from Mystic Falls, so why should any of this be surprising?

The questions now surround his profession. Has he picked up where his doppelganger Tom left off or is he up to something new and different? He certainly likes to help people, so that could come into it.

Stefan is not the only one with a new job. Enzo will return and also has to pay his way. It seems like he will become a series regular and will have a love interest. Considering his attraction to Caroline—and her interest in dark characters—that could be the love interest but he has not yet confirmed.

There are hints that there will be a crossover with The Originals. Considering they are based in the same world, that will not be surprising. Alaric will not be part of this crossover, but there are chances that it will be about getting the “other side” back. Trailers of the spin-off show make it clear that Klaus and Elijah are up against their parents; both back from the dead. There is a chance that the vampires of Mystic Falls will realize this and find that one or both parents will be able to help resurrect Damon and Bonnie.

There are many questions fans have after the season five finale. However, they have only been given a glimpse with the latest hints and spoilers for The Vampire Diaries season six.

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