The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore Is Definitely Back for Season Six

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The Vampire Diaries

Fans will be happy to know that Damon Salvatore is definitely back for season six of The Vampire Diaries. The question many will be asking is how? Just what capacity will the older Salvatore brother be back in?

Season five was a shocker for many fans. Nobody thought that executive producer Julie Plec would have killed one of the main characters permanently. Before now, characters have generally come back to life, especially the main ones. Steven R. McQueen’s Jeremy Gilbert is famous for dying and coming back to life numerous times.

However, Plec threw a spanner in the works when she destroyed “the other side” with Bonnie and Damon still over there. The Vampire Diaries fans started to panic and decided they would not watch another episode unless their favorite vampire was coming back.

There were reports early on that Damon would never really leave. Ian Somerhalder, who plays the character, explained to Hollywood Life that he was not going anywhere yet. While he was reportedly wanting to work on his movie career, his “game over” Instagram picture was just a joke to tease his followers.

It helps that the main characters allegedly signed six-year contracts when they first started. That gave the actors and producers some certainty, unless the network decided to cancel them. However, there were reports that the contracts came with a get-out clause for the producers should they decide that characters need killing off for whatever reason. Fans worried that that was the case for Somerhalder’s Damon.

The good news is that the recent trailer for The Vampire Diaries shows that Damon Salvatore is definitely back for season six. It seems that he will be a ghost; at least at first.

In the trailer, Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, is mourning over the loss of her boyfriend. All she wants his the vampire back, while Stefan (Paul Wesley) encourages her to move on. It looks like Stefan and Elena have definitely moved into the friend zone, which will disappoint the Stelena shippers but excite the Delena shippers. Elena looks like she is willing to do anything to get her boyfriend back, but some may wonder whether she will turn off her humanity to stop feeling the pain.

Another hint that Damon is back on set is the picture that Somerhalder recently shared on his Instagram. It was a shot of him on set for season six of The Vampire Diaries and certainly made a lot of fans squeal with delight.

There is no confirmation of how long he will be on set. It could be that he will be around for the first few episodes as the writers tie up his storyline. There is also a chance that they find a way to bring him and Bonnie (Kat Graham) back from the dead. A third option is to just keep him as a ghost for the whole season until the writers wrap it up. If the news about the contracts is correct, it could be a way to bring him out without upsetting too many fans as he may want to move on.

However, fans do not need to be too worried yet. There is as least one more season with Damon Salvatore as he is back in season six of The Vampire Diaries.

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