Ed Sheeran Slams Rumors of a Miley Cyrus Feud

Ed Sheeran has slammed rumors of a feud between him and Miley Cyrus, saying such speculation is just not true. The 23-year-old United Kingdom singer met with Ryan Seacrest to address the stories that have been spreading like wildfire ever since Sunday’s MTV VMAs.

The rumors started when Cyrus was seen mouthing what appeared to be the word “a**hole” while Sheeran was walking past her on his way to accept a Moonman for Best Male Video of the Year for his hit track Sing. Viewers believed that the Wrecking Ball hit-maker was hurt by the redhead choosing to high-five celebrity music manager Scooter Braun, who was seated a few spots over from her, and leaving her out. When asked about this incident, Sheeran expressed his confusion that anyone would think he would high-five Cyrus, due to the fact that he has never met her in person. He says the reason for the high-five with Braun was because the two have been contacts for quite some time, and it was merely gesture of acknowledgement rather than anything else. He goes on to clarify that he has absolutely no ill feelings towards the 21-year-old, praising both her vocal abilities and her song writing technique.

These words are somewhat different from the ones he spoke back in September of 2013, however. When asked how he felt about Cyrus’s famous VMA performance of last year, in which she got extremely close to both a married Robin Thicke and a giant foam finger, Sheeran was less than enthusiastic about the performance. He expressed his distaste for the newly born dance move of twerking, going on to say that he would not ever want his own daughter to engage in such on-stage activities. He then discussed Cyrus’s brand new hit Wrecking Ball, stating that he was immensely impressed with the song but the provocative video distracted from the power of the words too much for him to fully appreciate it.

This is not Cyrus’s first alleged celebrity rivalry. In early June, the singer reignited her battle with former friend and fellow pop star Selena Gomez when she mocked the latter singer by throwing a cardboard cutout of her face into the crowd at a concert in Milan, Italy. The two’s feud has been on and off since 2008, when Gomez began dating Cyrus’s ex-boyfriend of two years, former Jonas Brothers band member Nick Jonas. Shortly after this, Cyrus and one of her friends made a spoof of one of the YouTube videos Gomez had made with fellow teen pop princess Demi Lovato. She went on to issue what many thought was an insincere apology upon finding out that she had offended the two. In 2010, Cyrus got very close to Canadian pop star Justin Bieber during an on-stage performance, during a time when rumors of a potential relationship between Bieber and Gomez had begun swirling. Many were of the opinion that Cyrus was enacting revenge on Gomez for the latter dating her boyfriend after their aforementioned breakup in 2008. Gomez reportedly distanced herself from Cyrus after the Tennessee native began her controversial mission to break out of her teen pop typecast, choosing to make career decisions that Gomez reportedly did not want to be associated with.

Miley Cyrus has yet to respond to Ed Sheeran’s claims that he has no issue with her whatsoever. However, the Lego House chart-topper remains adamant that there is no bad blood between them.

by Rebecca Grace

US Weekly
E! Online Canada

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