Frankie Grande in Hot Water For Rape Joke

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Big Brother contestant Frankie Grande has found himself in hot water over an offensive comment he made regarding a fellow contestant, in which he jokingly told two other male house guests that they should rape her. The comment was made on a recent episode of the CBS reality show.

Grande suggested to the male house guests that they should team up with each other to take every aspect of female contestant Victoria’s virginity. Following the comment, the 31-year-old began to make various obscene gestures to illustrate the meaning of his comment. The family of the girl is furious, saying that jokes regarding forcing a woman to engage in intercourse are never funny, regardless of the intent. Victoria’s mother Lizabeth has given the statement that she feels Grande’s words have now made her daughter a possible target of rape, and that she is extremely worried for her safety. She also expressed her discontent that producers did nothing to stop the comment from being aired, nor did they discipline Grande in any way. Lizabeth and the rest of the family are asking for an apology not only from Grande’s parents, but also his sister Ariana. The mother went on to say that she feels the situation would be quite different in the contestant’s eyes if the comments were being made about his younger sister.

Grande has stirred up quite a storm of controversy since his run on the show began. Just a few days ago, he voiced his opinion that lesbians choose their sexuality, and that no woman is born that way. He believes that women change their mind after dating multiple men and not being successful in the relationship, whereas men are born gay and can do nothing about their orientation from the start. At the end of July, the Florida native was ripped by both other contestants and the public for telling fellow contestant Joscasta that she should kill herself. The woman’s sister gave several statements detailing her fury at the comment, and expressing her disdain for Grande and what she felt was his astoundingly high level of immaturity.

The recent drop in popularity for the brother of pop princess Ariana came as a shock to many viewers, as it was just last month that the house members rallied around him in support, following the death of he and Ariana’s grandfather. Upon hearing the news, the man broke down completely and was consoled by his fellow contestants. His sister kept the news away from Grande for as long as she could, per the grandfather’s request. He reportedly did not want the news of his death to interrupt his grandson’s success on the show, and he enlisted Ariana to keep the news away from her brother as long as possible. Contestants are not allowed any contact with anyone outside of the show, nor are they allowed to access the internet or social media websites, but there are the occasional instances of slip-ups or conduct breaching. A decision was eventually reached to inform contestant Frankie Grande of the news, of which he was told a few days later.

Frankie Grande has yet to give a statement regarding the offensive rape joke he made on a recent episode of Big Brother. The other contestant’s relatives, however, are still insisting that they receive an apology from his family.

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