Full House Television Reboot Reportedly in the Works

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A television reboot for the classic 90’s family sitcom Full House is reportedly currently in the works. The news has been confirmed by original creator Jeff Franklin, who is set to help form the potential reboot. Original producer Bob Boyett is also said to be helping create the new series.

The reboot, which as of yet has no time frame for release, will also feature many of the original cast members. In fact, the majority of the family members the public became attached to between 1987-1995 will be a part of the show’s revival. The actors who are returning are Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier. They are known for their respective roles as D.J. Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler, Danny Tanner, and Uncle Joey. There has not yet been word to whether or not fan favorite Uncle Jesse, played by high-profile actor John Stamos, will return for the Full House reboot.

The possibility in starring in the show’s new version has been turned down by at least one original member. Lori Loughlin, who appeared in the show as Uncle Joey’s wife Aunt Becky, has long expressed her lack of interest in bringing the show back. In a recent interview given to E! News, Loughlin explained her view on why a Full House movie or television reboot would, in her mind, not be a good idea. She praised the show for its excellent script and says she is grateful for her time spent on it, but goes on to say that she believes some shows should stay wrapped up. She finishes by saying that this does not mean Full House was in any way not a great show, but that sometimes it is best to not risk ruining a good thing by continuing it past its time. Loughlin was also absent from former co-star Dave Coulier’s wedding in July, an event at which most of the show’s cast showed up to give their support.

Also absent from Coulier’s nuptials were Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, who also have yet to sign on for the reboot. The twins played the part of the youngest Tanner sister, Michelle, who captured the hearts of viewers with her famous catchphrase “You Got It Dude!” The twins were nine years old when the series ended, and went on to appear in a string of geographically themed movies in which they explored the world, fell in love, and managed the conflicts of growing up. These movies included such highly rated films as Winning London, Our Lips Are Sealed, When in Rome, and Passport to Paris. The two also starred in three separate television series, Two of a Kind (1998-1999), So Little Time (2001-2002), and Mary Kate and Ashley in Action! (2001-2002). They are now the designers of multiple high-end clothing lines, such as The Row and Elizabeth and James. Although the twins have never outright denied their wish to further be involved with the Full House cast and any possible upcoming projects, the two have kept their distance from reunions and the like for quite some time.

It is unclear when the proposed Full House reboot will be launched. However, fans of the previous version are very excited to see how the idea plays out.

by Rebecca Grace

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  1. jesse breo   August 27, 2014 at 9:39 am

    you made this up your facts are wrong you never seen the show i guess

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    its uncle jesse that laurie loughlin was wife of this is obviously a fake peice of typo up in this document


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