Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for August 19, 2014


A lot of new titles are being announced today. Flappy Bird’s developer is coming with a new mobile game that (slightly) improves on the formula. Super Meat Boy team is teasing a new stealth-action title, which is sounding very different from their first platformer. Finally, The Pokemon Company are planning to announce a new big reveal soon, rumored to be a Pikachu detective game. Between all the releases, however, Ubisoft will be cutting down on the number of mature titles they will port to the WiiU. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for Aug, 19, 2014.

Flappy Bird’s successor is coming

Gaming A while back, Dong Nguyen released a simple mobile game which required the players to tap the screen to make the titular bird flap up and down avoiding pipe-like obstacles. There was no level variation, no upward difficulty curve and no real end-goal. In spite of that, the game’s popularity exploded, allegedly bringing in over $50,000 in revenue. The author received so much overwhelming hate-mail he pulled the game from the store for a while. However, Nguyen just announced a new successor called Swing Copters. It takes the same basic mechanics of Flappy Bird but adds swinging hammers to further increase the unforgiving level of challenge.

New voyeuristic title from Super Meat Boy developers

Gaming Released on Xbox Live Arcade back in October 2010, Super Meat Boy instantly became one of the best indie titles of the year. Mixing difficult but fair puzzle jumping with interesting visual design and story, it spread onto other platforms including the PC, Mac and Linux. The team behind it is now teasing a brand new game titled A Voyeur for September. They showcased a brief video depicting, as the title might imply, someone spying on an unsuspecting home owner. It is planned to be a live-action stealth game, which sounds like a big departure from their previous one. Nonetheless, given the team’s talent, chances are good it will turn into an interesting and promising project.

Pikachu detective game with facial recognition coming

Gaming The Pokemon Company has announced that a whole new “shocking” title will be announced next week. While the details are not clear, Polygon (among others) speculates it might be a detective-themed game starring Pikachu. The predictions are based on the fact Nintendo copyrighted “Great Pikachu Detective” last year, and also shared some ideas for the title on The Professionals, a Japanese tv show. The title will feature world’s favorite electric-mouse solving crimes and battling alternate evil versions of itself. A blue Pikachu will also be present, controlled via facial recognition and other motion capture technology. Even if the upcoming announcement turns out to be something else, given the materials shared so far, the Pikachu game should be getting more spotlight soon.

Watch_Dogs the last serious Ubisoft title on WiiU

Gaming Ubisoft’s latest new IP has been one of their best-selling titles to date, helping the company significantly boost their profit margins. However, the sales mostly come from Playstation 4, XBox One and PC. Eurogamer reports that last year, WiiU titles only accounted for about three percent of all Ubisoft sales. It is not surprising the publisher announced that Watch_Dogs will be one of the last mature titles they will be releasing on Nintendo’s struggling console. The company boss Yves Guillemot explained that the WiiU demographic simply does not buy titles such as Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed. This does not mean Ubisoft is giving up on the console entirely, however. They will still be working on several less serious title, similar to their previous Just Dance or Marvel Avengers games.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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