Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for August 22, 2014


Netflix takes the gaming headset Oculus Rift and uses it to create a new virtual reality browser for their video selection. The bizarre pigeon-dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend gets pushed back to September and a new Pokemon Art Academy is scheduled to launch on the 3DS in October. Lastly, Xbox One users can now preload Madden NFL 15 and will be able to try it early if signed up for the EA Access program. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for Aug, 22, 2014.

Netflix experimenting with virtual reality headset

Netflix Streaming MediaOculus Rift has been a hot topic in the gaming sphere the past several years. Thanks to convincing 3D display and motion tracking, it creates a truly immersive virtual experience far surpassing any of the motion-controlled console gimmicks such as Kinect or the Playstation wand. Netflix, the internet’s biggest on-demand video streaming service, just took a whack at playing with the technology. They created an experiment application where the users can browse through the movies in a 3D space and use hand gestures to swipe or select titles. While the implementation right now does not add much to an immersive movie watching experience, it could have some interesting applications in the future. For instance, Netflix could turn into a virtual Blockbuster, with shelves of titles users could walk through. The failing physical video-store model might just be getting a second virtual life.

Pigeon-dating sim delayed

GamingJust when gamers thought they might have seen every possible crazy idea, from slapstick destructive goats to an octopus trying to pretend to be a human father, there is always more strangeness around the corner. Hatoful Boyfriend is a typical Japanese dating with a twist – all the object of the player’s affection are pigeons. The concept is so bizarre it has quickly developed a cult following, making the headline of gaming news on several occasions. Unfortunately for the fans, the publisher Devolver Digital announced the title (which was supposed to be released yesterday) will be delayed until September 4. They explained the game needs a bit more work. Gamers should be understanding in this case, after all, it takes a lot of work to capture the fine nuances of pigeon-love.

Pokemon Art Academy coming to Nintendo 3DS on October 24

GamingOne of the nice benefits of having a stylus, rather than finger-controlled device, is far greater precision. The Nintendo 3DS has already capitalized on this in a number of titles which turn the little screen into a virtual painter’s canvas. A new iteration of the concept will focus specifically on the world of Pokemon, teaching the players (or, rather, aspiring artists) how to draw a number of the prolific little critters, such as Pikachu or Charizard. Advancing through the virtual classes, the players will unlock new tools as well as new lessons featuring mega-evolved Pokemon. Furthermore, the creations can be shared with others via the Miiverse galleries. The game is currently scheduled to come out in fall.

Pre-loading Madden 15 on Xbox One now available

GamingMicrosoft has been promising to bring game pre-loading onto their newest console in September, but this time they realized their promise early. EA Sports’ Madden NFL 15 has just become available for pre-load for those who already pre-ordered it on the Xbox Game Store. Practices such as these cut down on the wait time when games are officially released, since the eager players only need wait for the content to be unlocked rather than fully downloaded. Furthermore, those enrolled in the recently announced EA Access program will be able to play the new title early, giving them an even greater incentive to pre-order.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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