Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for August 25, 2014


Busy weekend for online security experts this time, with the Playstation Network being brought down by a group of hackers, and Xbox Live succumbing to similar connectivity issues as well. On top of that, the website and twitter accounts of Polytron, the developer of Fez, has also been hacked. However, disgruntled developers and gamers will have a chance to vent some frustration by shooting Chester Cheater in the latest Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare DLC promotion. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for Aug, 25, 2014.

Playstation Network returning after an outage

GamingA group of hackers managed to bring down the Playstation Network for a whole day, but Sony has now managed to bring it back up to functionality. According to their statement, the attack was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) aimed to merely overload the service. No servers were actually breached and no personal data has been stolen. On top of that, the same group of hackers also called in a bomb threat on an American Airlines flight carrying John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment, diverting it all the way to Phoenix. This clearly shows the multi-faceted and coordinated efforts by the hackers. However, overall the attack was much less damaging than the outage back in April 2011, rendering the service not fully usable for about a month and compromising numerous account details.

Xbox Live also under attack

GamingJust when the Playstation situation seems to be under control, the Xbox service is now experiencing issues. The same group of hackers as before is claiming responsibility, albeit their motives aren’t entirely clear. An official post on the XBox Live status explains that some players are having problems with party chat on Diablo 3 and other unavailability issues. The Microsoft team reassures they are aware of the problems and working on getting them fixed as soon as possible. If the severity of the attack is the same as the Playstation one, full service should hopefully be getting restored pretty soon.

Fez developer website hacked as well

GamingBig studios were not the only targets of malicious activity over the weekend. Phil Fish, the lead developer behind the iconic and highly successfully 2D platformer Fez has admitted that his company’s website and Twitter accounts were hacked back on Friday. The Polytron website is still under maintenance mode as of this Monday, showing the hack must have been pretty extensive. However, it is not clear if the group behind this attack is in any way related to the Playstation and XBox one. Partly as a result of the attack, Fish has announced he is looking to sell the company and the Fez intellectual property, stating that he “wants out.”

Chester Cheetah in Plants vs. Zombies

GamingOn a slightly brighter note, the ever-cool mascot of the popular cheesy and puffy snack will be making another video game appearance in a Plants vs. Zombies Gardner Warfare DLC.This is not the first time Chester has been featured in video games. He had his own (rather mediocre) game back in the 90s, and more recently also starred in the 2012 Just Dance 4. As part of the latest promotions, eager Cheetos consumers will be able to find DLC codes in specially marked packages of their favorite snack. The codes will unlock new Chester-themed skins for some of the game characters. Plants vs. Zombies Gardner Warfare takes the 2D mobile strategy and base-defense game and turns it into a full 3D third-persons arena shooter. If anyone ever wanted to shoot Chester in the face, now is their chance.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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