Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for August 27, 2014


Another week, another gaming lawsuits. Capcom is going after Koei Tecmo over two game patents and Lindsay Lohan suit against Grand Theft Auto 5 is still in full force. GOG, an online game store is now adding a new line of game-related movies, and BioWare revealed that Dragon Age Inquisition will feature a 4-player co-op mode. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for Aug, 27, 2014.

Capcom suing Koei Tecmo

Gaming Frequent lawsuit have become a sad reality of the video gaming industry in the recent years, and today shows another reason why. Capcom has just filed a patent infringement suit aimed at Koei Tecmo, the publisher behind the popular Dynasty Warriors series. While the full details of the suit are a little confusing, it goes back to a 2002 patent for a feature allowing to extend an existing game by combining with an additional software, such as in the case of expansion packs. Capcom is also claiming patent over another feature where a controller starts to vibrate when enemies are nearby. The allegation states this “has greatly contributed to the sales” of Koei’s titles.

Lindsay Lohan lawsuit “for publicity reasons”?

Gaming Speaking of lawsuits, Lindsay Lohan has recently gone after the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5, claiming that the game uses her likeness without her permission. The suit further alleges the character Lacey Jonas also borrows Lohan’s “clothing, outfits, clothing line products, ensemble in the form of hats, hair style, sunglasses.” The GTA series is known for parodying many pop culture elements and icons. The publisher’s lawyers responded claiming that Lohan’s suit is done entirely for publicity, and hope to get the suit dismissed as quickly as possible.

GOG adds movies to their catalogue

Gaming Good Old Games started as an alternative online digital store, focusing on bringing back old and often abandoned gaming classics such as Dungeon Keeper, Little Big Adventure or Bioforge. One of the biggest selling points was providing the games entirely DRM-free; once purchased, the users can download and install the titles to their hearts’ content. Over the years, GOG has significantly grown in popularity, expanding their catalogue to newer titles as well as a sizable selection of indie games as well. Today they are moving into a new direction yet again, adding game-themed movies and documentaries. From the renowned Indie Game the Movie to more obscure TPB AFK, the initiative is intended to test the waters and prove to bigger Hollywood studios the viability of the model.

Dragon Age Inquisition will come with a 4-player co-op

Gaming There is a lot of excitement about BioWare’s upcoming epic fantasy role-playing game and the latest reveal adds another reason why. The developers announced a new cooperative game mode separate from the main story campaign, pitting 4 friends against various monsters in randomly generated mini-dungeons. The players will be able to earn rewards and gold in order to unlock new champions and gear for their characters. There will also be a way to pay for these upgrades using real money, but BioWare assures the fans it will be entire optional. They also explain that, thematically speaking, the characters in this game mode will be lackeys of the main story’s hero, potentially running small side errands for him.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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