Google Nexus Rumors Include Nexus 6 Name Change

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There are new Google Nexus rumors and these include a name change for the Nexus 6. There are thoughts that it will now be called the Nexus X instead, and may be on the shelves as soon as Halloween.

October and November have been the expected release dates for the expected Google device, so Halloween would be perfect. It gives the company a month to encourage people to save up in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November, while steering clear of competition from the likes of Samsung and Apple.

The Google Nexus X is expected to be made by Motorola after a leak of a Best Buy listing hit the news. However, there are some changes based on previous rumors about the device. It is now expected to cost $500 for the two-year Sprint contract, rather than remaining at around the $400 mark like the Nexus 5. For Google to increase the price so much, it suggests that this rumor may not be quite as truthful as many will hope.

However, other rumors do point to it being genuine. One of those is that the smartphone is likely to run on Android L, which is the expected newest update. This is supposed to hit devices around October, so it would make sense that the Nexus 6 would have that operating system.

The Nexus 6 name change is not the only Google Nexus rumor out there. More surround the Nexus 8, which has been expected since the end of last year. As the Nexus 7 goes out of stock on the Google Play store yet again, people expect to see the next device to hit the market.

Allowing a device to go out of stock is one usual sign that something new is coming. That is not always the case for Google Nexus devices though. At the start of the year, the Nexus 10 went out of stock, making people believe that the second generation of the tablet would be released. After a few days, tech enthusiasts were disappointed to see a new shipment of the first generation available online.

The Nexus 7 has also gone out of stock in the past, making many people believe that the Nexus 8 would be released. Again, the stock was simply replenished and there was still no news on whether the Google Nexus rumors were true. So, going off the device being out of stock again is clearly not enough anymore.

Tech bloggers are expecting a new Nexus device either this month or next month. HTC is rumored to be working on the tablet device. However, other reports suggest that Google could wait until as late as the start of 2015 to release a new device. It seems the tech giant may want to wait for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit chips to be released commercially. It would make sense to be one of the first companies to install the chip into new devices.

For now, there are only rumors. While they annoy some, they get others excited about the possibility of tech gadgets out there. The latest Google Nexus rumors include the Nexus 6 name change and the release of the Nexus 8.

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