Hamas Winning the Gaza Public Opinion War Against Israel


In addition to the fighting war between the Hamas-led Palestinians and the Israelis in Gaza, the world continues to witness a war of public opinion, which through the eyes of a dishonest and intellectually damaged media, Hamas appears to be winning. If one were to subscribe to this biased reporting, there would be the belief that there is such pervasive disdain for Israel’s right to exist, that pro-Hamas reporting, including from Israel’s closest ally the United States, has recently become the norm. Although a new 72-hour cease-fire mediated by Egypt has been in effect since Tuesday morning, up until this latest truce, outrage over the number of Palestinian casualties during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge has continued to grow. Thus far, the Palestinian death toll stands at more than 1,800 which includes 400 children and more than 9,400 wounded. The count on the Israeli side is 64 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) fatalities.

Recent headlines including the terms “Slaughter,” “Atrocity,” “Disgraceful,” “Overkill,” “Genocide,” “War Crimes,” and the like, can be found describing Israel’s defense of its very existence against an enemy that has launched thousands of rockets from Palestinian territories, and which is bound by its very charter to effect the complete annihilation of the state of Israel. Considering the Hamas strategy of sacrificing its own people in its aggressive rocket assault from heavily populated humanitarian locations in Gaza, one might logically question the rationale for the one-sided condemnation of Israel by the United Nations Secretary General, and a growing list of nations, including the United States, France, Argentina, Brazil and others.

Absent from most headlines, however, is any outcry against Hamas. Indeed, disregarded in the biased reporting and growing condemnation of Israel, is the fact that the IDF in most instances gave alerts to Palestinian civilians of intended targets in an effort to minimize casualties. Reports of the 1,000 plus rocket attacks into Israel from launch sites at United Nations schools, civilian hospitals and residences are summarily dismissed almost as irrelevant by journalists and officials from world nations. There is no mention whatsoever that by virtue of Hamas’ use of these ordinarily benign and innocent locations, they effectively convert them into legitimate military targets. Instead, defying all logic, sentiment is settling bizarrely in favor of Hamas, the recognized terrorist group that has violated each cease fire brokered during the fighting. Since the conflict began, headlines reporting sympathy for Hamas, who has employed the tactic of using its own people as human shields, have overshadowed any reporting of Hamas’ continued aggression.

On Friday, August 1, during a live Al-Jazeera video broadcast, journalist Maha Abu Al-Kas, was seen scampering away after being startled by the firing of a rocket from within Gaza. Moments prior to that rocket launch into Israel, she is quoted as reporting that the Palestinian Al-Shifa Hospital had reached “catastrophic conditions in terms of equipment shortages, medicine and supplies to treat the wounded.” Conversely, also on Friday, in a closely related but seemingly buried news item, a Finnish television reporter broadcast a live video from the one and the same Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza where she personally observed the launching of a rocket by Hamas from the parking lot of the hospital. In another report, on Saturday, Before It’s News published a video of Ismail Radwan, a Hamas official, praising Palestinians for their sacrifice of women, children and the elderly. Radwan went on to congratulate the victims for sacrificing their blood and body parts in support of the Hamas objective to re-draw the boundary lines of its homeland.

Ignored by the media is the fact that the Hamas-led Palestinian people are in the act of waging a fighting war with Israel complete with daily rocket launches and infiltrating tunnels into Israel. Ignored by the media is the fact that the Israeli people live in daily fear, routinely hiding in bomb shelters praying that their Iron Dome defense continues to intercept the countless incoming rockets seeking to destroy them. Ignored by the media is the fact that Israel’s neighboring Arab nations harbor such hatred and contempt for the Jewish people, that they include in their daily prayers for Allah to give them the means to carry out their sacred commitment to exterminate the Jews.

Events have shown that Israel’s survival is the result of a strong sense of self-preservation aided by its ability to skillfully defend itself against the ritual of daily rocket attacks at the hands of Hamas. Notwithstanding, by some twisted logic, Israel somehow is ludicrously perceived in the view of public opinion as the villain. Onlookers can readily observe, if doing so with any honesty, that Hamas has no logistical hope whatsoever, to win any kind of fighting war against Israel. Missing from this tragedy in the making, is the fact that Hamas has repeatedly demonstrated it has absolutely no regard for the safety of its own people and indeed has willfully and intentionally risked and sacrificed the lives of thousands of Palestinians in its gamble to win the only kind of war it can against Israel; the war of public opinion. Judging by the daily headlines emerging in the media, Hamas appears to be winning handily.

The question those same observers are neither seeing asked nor answered, is what Israel’s alternatives are. To expect the Muslim population of the world who adhere to radical Islam to accept the Jews and the rest of humanity who do not follow Islam, is blasphemy. It is so written. By it being so written, the one and only exit strategy of fundamental Islam is irreversible because there is no choice with radical Islam. Israel must be destroyed. Headlines reflecting world sentiment are tacitly suggesting that Israel should defend itself in a manner that does not result in the loss of innocent civilian life; that it should defend itself in a way that is not seen by the world as a “slaughter,” or as “atrocious,” or “disgraceful,” or as “genocide.” Rational observers view the Israeli people as fortunate that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is more concerned for the safety and security of the Jewish people of Israel than he is of what the rest of the world thinks of his methods.

The apparent tactical success of Hamas’ abhorrent sacrifice of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza in its effort to win a public opinion war against Israel is perplexing. Equally as perplexing is Israel’s acquiescence to world sentiment by the monumental military restraint it has exercised for generations, while enduring no restraint on the part of her enemies. Perplexing also is that Israel would learn from media headlines that she, and not those who would sacrifice thousands of their own people for the sake of winning a war of public opinion, would be accused of war crimes. Perplexing as well is that Israel would be condemned for defending itself against an enemy who is committed to the complete annihilation of the Jewish state.

It is understood that most wars continue until there is a declared winner or until there is a negotiated agreement for lasting peace. That this decades-long conflict has been fought by Israel for so long and in such a manner as if it is simply the way it is meant to be, is not so perplexing. For if Israel exercised its full military might in an attempt to permanently defeat Hamas, it would no doubt raise the ire of millions upon millions of Arabs to rally against it. One can only speculate as to the outcome of this public opinion war against Israel that Hamas appears to be winning. However, in the Islamic Jihad of more than 400,000,000 Arabs against 7,700,000 Jews in the state of Israel, peace is not an option and this Jihad will yield no winner. To some observers, it is believed that Hamas considers the mounting Palestinian civilian death toll not as casualties but as significant individual victories furthering its cause.

Opinion by Mark Politi

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7 Responses to "Hamas Winning the Gaza Public Opinion War Against Israel"

  1. D   August 15, 2014 at 12:44 am

    A [email protected]#$T article if ever. Biased much?
    Let’s ignore the fact that Palestinians are little by little being eradicated from their homeland that they have been living in for uh..er….1000’s of years. Look at the before 1948 map of Palestine and now…you’ll see, disappearing. What, should they not defend themselves?
    It’s sad how some people out of guilt I’d say, cannot see that this whole Israeli self-preservation fanaticism has gotten out of control and is going to create an entirely new disapora of homeless/landless people and then what…where will we put the remaining Palestinians??
    Who’s country will we give them?

    here’s a source for the racist-inclined…don’t be racist when reading the website name…it’s still full of facts.


    [email protected]#$-really upset Atheist American paying for this effing bloodbath who shouldn’t be. >:(

  2. terrencecrimmins   August 12, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    The Palestinians are not fighting to win the war militarily. Taking a page from the Ho Chi Min Vietnam playbook, they hope to get the media to continue posting pictures of atrocities, etc., and because so many reporters (and John Kerry) are steeped in the Vietnam War protest tradition, they pick it right up.

    The Palestinians are like a high school punk who does dirty tricks on the school’s letterman, putting banana peels where he walks, and suchlike, hoping to have him become injured and leave the field of play. When the Letterman retaliates and gives him a pasting, the punk cries out to the Principal that the Letterman should be expelled.

  3. ray farrelly   August 8, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    The Inept Israeli Spin.
    A few days ago (08/06/2014) at a press conference Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu stated: “They (our critics) would allow Hamas to attack with impunity, saying that since they are firing from schools, mosques and hospitals that Israel should not take action against them. “That is obviously a mistake, a moral mistake and an operational mistake.”
    So he is therefore saying that if a rocket is fired from a school where women and children are sheltering, Israel’s policy is to destroy the building anyway.

    Israel has recently released a number of video’s showing how a warning shot allows people in the building to run before the main explosion which comes a minute later.
    But if the building contains Hamas fighters wouldn’t they run too?
    Anti-Semitism?……. Watch this sometime……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj-n2ZeXeZc.
    Pot calling the kettle?
    ….and there’s so much more.

  4. mark3986   August 7, 2014 at 11:03 am

    @ thedeprogrammer – Will attempt to explain in terms pro-Hamas people will hopefully be able to understand. When the Hamas-led Palestinian people are no longer committed to the Jihad to destroy the state of Israel, Palestine won’t have to worry about being reduced to rubble. The only irony involved in this tragedy is that the Palestinian aggressors who seek to destroy Israel are inviting the deaths of its own people and then look for sympathy as the victims.

    A thug with a knife tries to kill a man, but the man happens to have a gun. The man shoots the knife wielding thug. But what we’re seeing now from the international community is when the thug gets shot during his attempt to kill the man, the community proceeds to condemn the man with the gun. It does not get any simpler than that.

    By some really twisted logic, the radical left wing liberal media is playing straight into Hamas’ hands. Honestly, it is difficult to comprehend how so many adults with any intelligence at all, can be so incapable of understanding such a simple concept.

    When radical Islam accepts the Jewish people and all non-Muslim believers, there will be the chance for peace. But since that is considered blasphemous according to the Koran, we all know the war that radical Islam has declared against non-believers will continue until the last war is over.

    So, if the Palestinian people are waiting for Israel to shut down its “Iron Dome” and then roll over and just die amid 1,000s of incoming rockets, they can very well expect the continuing reduction of Palestine to rubble. Palestinians are either blind or complicit in Hamas’ sacrificial tactics. They either condone what Hamas is doing or they are too fearful to stand up against it. In either case, Hamas is very well aware of the predictable consequences of its aggression, and it is not without design.

  5. thedeprogrammer (@deprogrammer00)   August 7, 2014 at 10:11 am

    The irony of talking compulsively about Israel’s right to exist at the very moment its army is reducing Palestine to rubble seems to be lost on the “pro-Israel” spokesmen.

    • D   August 15, 2014 at 12:38 am

      Exactly…some people cannot see what’s in front of them regardless of truth because they’re own delusions get in the way.

  6. Daniel   August 6, 2014 at 11:34 am

    It’s too bad so many Palestinian eggs have to get broken for Hamas to make their Jew-hating omelet.


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