Ice Bucket Challenge Not as Successful as Hoped?

ice bucket challenge

It seems the ice bucket challenge many not have been as successful as many hoped that it would be. In the United Kingdom, a survey found that half of the people who took part never donated any money, and only three percent donated £10 ($16) or more to the cause.

This would seem disappointing for the ALS charities out there. However, the ALS Association was pleased to report that almost $95 million has been raised for the charity since the start of the ice bucket challenge on July 29. Within that same period last year, just $1.2 million was raised. More people now know about the condition and the dire consequences it has on sufferers. People also know that charities exist to help find a treatment and understand more about the disease.

Yet, the U.K. survey shows that many failed to understand the reason behind the challenge. Some had no idea which charity they were supposed to donate to. This was not helped by so many other charities jumping on the bandwagon. Macmillan Cancer Support was accused of hijacking the challenge in the U.K, even though it reportedly originated in New Zealand for cancer charities.

While over 50 percent of U.K. participants have not yet donated after taking up the ice bucket challenge, does it really mean that it was not as successful as hoped? There are questions over the amount that charities hoped to raise. According to the ALS Association, the campaign has been hugely successful at raising awareness and money. In a recent report, the charity now has to decide what to do with all the money because it is not used to receiving so much.

Part of the success has come from big names getting involved. Many celebrities took the challenge, many in their own unique ways. Miley Cyrus decided to do the rice bucket challenge, after pretending to misunderstand the original name of the challenge.

Charlie Sheen and Patrick Stewart also gave their own twists. Sheen opted to pour $10,000 over his head, which was donated to the charity. Stewart opted to drink a glass of scotch with ice after writing a check with an undisclosed amount.

There were many others who did do it as expected. Jennifer Aniston, Hayden Panettiere, Bill Gates and George W. Bush all got involved by having ice water thrown over their heads.

Unfortunately, some members of the public only got involved because they felt pressured. There was some naming and shaming happening online when people chose not to take part in the fun of the challenge. People would have had their own reasons for not taking part, with some explaining they could not do it for medical reasons. Ten percent only did it because they were pressured into it, according to the survey. It is possible that this 10 percent had no idea what the challenge was for and failed to donate because of that.

Many still view the challenge as successful, and it may have been more successful than the no makeup selflie campaign from a few months ago. Many got involved and had fun, while sharing why they were donating the money. More importantly, the ALS Association has deemed the ice bucket challenge much more successful than it hoped it would be.


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