Ice Bucket Challenge Shocks the Senses and Justin Bieber Cheats [Videos]

Ice Bucket Challenge Shocks the Senses and Justin Bieber Cheats [Videos]

The Ice Bucket Challenge that has been recently sweeping social media with videos and posts could shock the senses. Not only the does the icy water poured over the head in an effort to raise awareness and attention for ALS help fight against the disease, it has sparked and spiked the human sense of giving and doing towards others. An outreach program that is raising millions is in turn affecting the human element of caring for one another, thus shocking the senses into a new element.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was originally created to benefit congenital heart disease, but has branched out to help bring awareness and donations to many other diseases and conditions. First representing the slushy ice placed into a chest cavity upon recovering from heart surgery, the challenge has gained momentum over the years. Other groups supporting various causes quickly latched onto the stunt and have been successful as well.

Participants are encouraged to dump a bucket of cold water and ice on their heads and post a video of the event to their social media page. Also donating to the cause, the one taking the challenge is required to donate at least $10 to the cause of their choice. If not wanting to actually dump a bucket of cold water and ice on their head, they can opt out and donate $100 or more.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is shocking to the senses, as it places responsibility on the one tapped and promotes more to be challenged to do the same. It draws people out of their comfort zones, willing to get wet and set an example to others as they reach out and do a good deed.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has involved many sports teams and celebrities, as well as political icons to participate. Reaching into the deep pockets of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Martha Stewart, Matt Lauer and even President Obama, the Ice Bucket Challenge has shocked the senses of everyday life.

In the summer of 2014, the ALS Foundation has seen an increase in donations that are up by 1000 percent from last year. As of this writing, they have collected more than $10 million towards the cause with the simple ice bucket challenge. Sports teams around the country, including Urban Meyer, head football coach of OSU and Thad Matta, OSU Basketball coach, have involved themselves and their teams and staff to raise awareness and attention to donate money towards ALS.

ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a grim disease. Zooming in on the functions of the brain and spinal cord, the affliction causes nerves to just shut down causing ongoing damage to the overall body in a very rapid way. Sadly leaving the victim with no more than trying to swallow and breathe in order to survive, ALS shocks the senses into a complete shut down and slow death.

The Ice Bucket challenge has aided the cause in awareness and many donations have now been forwarded to help fight the disease. The videos are amusing to watch, but make one wonder if they are designed for attention to themselves or to actually fight the cause the ice bucket challenge was designed for.

Justin Bieber has even participated. Who knows if his little pan, not even a bucket, was really filled with cold water and ice, as no apparent ice cubes are seen on the video. It could have been just a pan of warm water as he appeared to help promote a cause. He pretended to take the challenge, another ploy for attention, but he did it his own way by cheating.

Still, the ice bucket challenge is on and has been successful in alerting the public to more awareness about ALS. Obama reportedly denied the actual challenge but pledged $100 as a donation.

Shocking the senses and risking a migraine to endure the strife of cold water and ice has given into a good cause that could involve personal risks. Making sure your phone and wristwatch are well out of the way when taking the plunge is well worth the effort in preparing to post a video to demonstrate a contribution.

Trauma to the head by cold water and ice may cause headaches or migraines, but the knowing and doing of a good deed and contributing to a good cause should make the ice bucket challenge worth the shock to the senses worthwhile to everyone who chooses to participate.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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