Rising Star on ABC Semifinals Night [Recap & Videos]

Rising Star

It’s finally the Semifinals Night on Rising Star on ABC tonight! There are only six contestants left and by the end of the night, only three will advance, plus one West Coast Save, as host Josh Groban says. The competition is heating up — which three, well four, will be advancing on to next week’s Rising Star?

Host of Rising Star, Josh Groban, says “The pressure is at an all-time high.” He urges the voters of America to check in now and get ready to votes; then, he introduces the tree Experts, Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley, each of the Expert votes will only count for one percent this week, so America’s votes are more important than ever.

Austin French will perform first. He got the highest score last week. He will be singing Love Runs Out by OneRepublic. “This song has so much energy,” French says. He said that the comments of Kesha and Ludacris really helped him and he wants to engage the crowd more this week.

Austin French got the audience clapping along right from the very start. He ROCKED the song OUT! There were psychedelic kaleidoscope-like colors projected behind him. Kesha voted “yes” for him. Close to the end, Ludacris also voted “yes” for French. He earned 81 percent of the votes of America.

Kesha says “You were infectious.”

Ludacris says “There are no artists that ever came out to this part of the stage. You worked the stage and I’m very proud of you.”

Maneepat Molloy will be singing next. Josh said “You have to be you. Sing with your technique–sing out like it’s an aria.”

She said that Brad and Josh really helped her out. Ludacris said “In your mind you need to be fresh right now.” She also said that Kesha’s tips helped.

Maneepat chose to sing Chandelier. It is a song that starts off slowly, but then, Maneepat’s voice soared to the rafters. She got a “no” vote from Ludacris. The votes from America’s at home viewers were slow to mount. She only got 27 percent of the overall votes, which will probably not be enough for her to continue on to next week.

Ludacris sasys “You didn’t seem comfortable up there. I see why America didn’t vote for you.”

Brad said “I think visually you looked more comfortable than you’ve ever been, but not vocally.”

Kesha says “I thought you looked a bit timid but you looked beautiful up there.”

Then, Rising Star went to its first commercial break of the hour-long show. Jesse Kinch and Audrey Kate Geiger will the next performers, according to host Josh Groban.

Brad Paisley says “I’m challenging you to perform a softer song.”

He said “I will be doing something different this week. I’ll be singing Billy Jean.’

Ludacris says “I suggest that you look into the camera at one point and lock eyes with the audience.”

Jesse starts out the song slowly. He sang a mellow version, at least at the beginning. Brad voted “yes” then Ludacris followed suite. Kinch put more and more energy into the song and the votes of America kept climbing to 83 percent!

“It was a really unusual, great take to that classic song,” Josh says.

“I don’t know what that was,” Brad says. “It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that was great.”

Kesha told him “You had me at a loss of words. That was godlike.”

Ludacris says “You made me forget that that was a Michael Jackson song.”

Josh Groban said that “The Hot Seat is back. Right now, Maneepat Molloy is in it.” Dana Williams will be next on Rising Star after more commercials.

“Tonight, your votes are more important than ever,” Josh says “as the people who get the most votes tonight will move on to the Finals, next week.”

Dana Williams says she feels like “the underdog” so she “must give it her all” this week. She would like to “show the audience that she is growing.”

Kesha tells Dana “I want to see that you want this. Oh, my God; are you crying? I don’t want to see you cry.”

Ludicrous says “If she puts all of that emotion into her song and her performance, she can’t lose.”

Dana Williams sings Sunday Morning. Ludacris votes “yes” for her, then Kesha also votes “yes.” Brad soon joins them with his “yes” vote. Dana sings a sultry version of this song, an waesome song choice for her and she ends on a very high note. She gets 75 percent of America’s votes.

“Luda, you were on your chair at one point.”

Kesha “You are a diamond in the rough and that performance was the best you’ve done on this show.’

Ludacris “You just showed me you wanted it more than anybody else on this show.”

Brad says “You made a connection with the audience and that’s why the Wall raised up.” Maneepat Molloy was beaten by Dana’s score and she will be leaving, unless the votes of the West Coast save her once again.

“Now, you are in the Hot Seat, Dana,” Josh says. “After the commercial break, Audrey Kate Geiger will perform.”

Back on Rising Star, Josh give a shout out to a loyal viewer at home, Karen. Then, he said the next performer will be Audrey Kate Geiger. She was mentored by Brad Paisley and Ludacris and Kesha helped her out with her stage presence. “Overall, I think I’ve figured out who I want to be as a performer. I’m watching my dreams come true,” she says.

Audrey sings the classic Killing Me Softly song. She NAILS it! It is yet another slow song, but she does a smokin’ version of it. Brad votes “yes” first. Ludacris votes “yes” for her. At the end, Kesha votes “yes.’ She gets 69 percent. The Wall did not rise, though.

“I kinda see why America didn’t vote more for you because the song started off slow,” Ludacris says.

Kesha agrees, saying “It was the wrong song choice for you.”

“We gotta save you, period,” Brad says. Dana will be in the Hot Seat for now. Joshua Peavy will sing next on Rising Star on ABC, after yet more commercials.

Joshua Peavy was the final performer of the evening on Rising Star. Josh mentions that earlier in the night, he asked the at home audience for song choices for next week. Brad put on a pink-colored wig, as he was asked to wear something other than a cowboy hat for a change.

Brad suggested that he sing a Rascal Flatts song. He had to look up the lyrics of it on his song.

“Channel all of that emotion into your song, think about your wife and kids, and I think you’ll do good,” Kesha tells him.

Joshua will be singing What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts. He does a great job from the beggining to the end. Brad Paisley votes “yes” for him first, of the Experts. A lady playing the violin accompanying him onstage rocks out on it. Joshua sings with a ton of emotion in his voice. Ludacris votes “no,” though. He just got 72 percent of the votes.

“Peavy — great, great job. Brad, was it the song?” Josh Groban asks.

Brad says “I loved it. I loved your take on it. I think it was totally fantastic. If you don’t get saved, come out ot the farm and record with me. I mean it.”

Ludacris says “I feel like the girl in the Hot Seat wanted it more.’

Kesha says “You had me right at the end.”

Brad then called up the three performers onto the stage who had the three highest scores: Dana Williams, Jesse Kinch and Austin French. One of the other performers will be saved by the votes of the West Coast, so four performers, altogether, will move on to next week’s Rising Star Finals episode.

This was a night on Rising Star of mostly slower songs. That seems to have hurt some of the contestants but did not affect other very much. Austin French and Jesse Kinch, who are room mates during the course of this season on the show, both did very well French sang what was, perhaps, the most rock sort of song of the evening, singing Love Runs Out by OneRepublic. Audrey Kate Geiger seems to have been hurt by her song choice, as was Maneepat Molloy and, to a lesser extent, Joshua Peavy. One of these three will be saved by the votes of the West Coast — the question is, “Which one?”

Written By Douglas Cobb

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