Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pictures Allegedly Leaked


Nude pictures of what is said to be actress Jennifer Lawrence have allegedly been leaked. The pictures began circulating the internet earlier today.

The pictures show the woman in various locations, ranging from a dressing room to her own bedroom. Allegedly, in some of the photographs, the person taking the pictures appears to be the actress herself, while others are said to look like someone else is photographing her. Lawrence’s spokesperson appears to have tentatively confirmed the news in that the spokesperson did state that the person involved in stealing the photographs of the actress will be found and prosecuted to the full extent, stating that it was an extreme violation of privacy and unacceptable.

The 24-year-old Hunger Games star is not the only female celebrity who has had alleged naked pictures of themselves leaked to the public. The hacker in question also reportedly targeted Kate Upton, Krysten Ritter, Victoria Justice, Hope Solo, Teresa Palmer, Yvonne Strahovski, and Ariana Grande. The full details of these pictures are not yet known, and none of the alleged victims have yet given any statement surrounding their personal photographs possibly being leaked.

Nude pictures of celebrities being hacked and spread around the internet has been a growing concern for Hollywood’s finest for some time, and Lawrence’s case is most certainly not the first incident in which a star’s integrity has been potentially compromised by way of a leaked photograph. The cause of this is often a mix of both hacking and slight carelessness on their own parts. High School Musicical Star Vanessa Hudgens, for example, took some racy photos for a companion and accidentally hit the wrong button on her phone while attempting to only send it to the intended recipient, with the result that the photo was put on the internet. The circumstance was essentially the same for Twilight actress Ashley Greene, who accidentally leaked some intimate photographs she took of herself in the privacy of her own home.

Other celebrities have been the blatant victims of a hacker, two of those individuals being former Gossip Girl star Blake Lively and Lost in Translation actress Scarlett Johansson. The latter had taken intimate photos for her husband at the time Ryan Reynolds (to whom Lively is coincidentally married to now), and Lively had taken some photographs of herself in a new bra that she decided to remove for a few of them, with no intent to distribute whatsoever. Her representative still denies the photos were of Lively herself.

It is not only women who have fallen victim to photograph hacking, however. R&B superstar Chris Brown fell victim to a leaked nude picture back in 2010, of which he said he had planned to send to a love interest at the time. Brown showed little concern upon finding out the picture’s security had been compromised, only giving the statement that it was definitely for a girl.

It remains to be seen whether or not the nude pictures recently leaked are truly of Jennifer Lawrence herself. Neither the actress nor her official representatives have yet to give a public statement on the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

Mail Online

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