Jesse Ventura Defamation Suit Defies an American Code of Honor

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura was awarded $1.8 million by a Minnesota jury last Tuesday in a defamation lawsuit against the late American Sniper author Chris Kyle who was tragically gunned down in early 2013. The verdict has stirred up a lot of emotion over the past week, especially from those in military circles. The lawsuit pitted two American heroes against one another and by many accounts, defied an age-old American code of honor.

Both men shared the honor and distinction of membership in the U.S. Navy SEALs, the Special Forces unit of the Navy that  has officially protected the lives of U.S. citizens since 1962. Navy SEALs are touted as one of the top echelon special forces units in the world and represent a symbol of fortitude and true grit.

The SEAL code calls for action in the most dire and adverse of times, where one man stands above no other and his loyalty is to his country and to his team. SEALs seek no accolades or recognition, only to serve and protect.  Their word is their bond and failure is never an option.

That is where the defamation suit brought by Jesse Ventura against Chris Kyle gets lost in translation and this is where many believe an American code of honor has been defied and broken. The federal jury ruled that Kyle’s 2012 best-selling autobiography defamed Ventura in what is described as a bar fight in 2006. In the book, Kyle writes that he decked a man he calls “Scruff Face” after he said the Navy SEALs “deserve to lose a few.” It was not until later in promotional interviews that Kyle identified the man as Ventura.

Eventually, that book would go onto sell more than 1.5 million copies, and that is when Ventura claims he became a pariah in the community that he loved – his brotherhood of SEALs. FOX News was trashing Ventura over the comments and the story was going viral and reaching millions. The $1.8 million was awarded for damages and harm done to Ventura’s reputation and the humiliation and embarrassment that he endured as a direct result of Kyle’s statements.

The one problem: Chris Kyle was not around to defend himself. The man regarded as the deadliest military sniper in U.S. history was long gone, shot and killed at a gun range by a fellow Marine veteran whom he was supposedly helping battle post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Instead, Chris Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle became the central defendant in the case. Not only was the deceased Kyle not able to defend his actions from a lawsuit that was pending before his death, but Ventura was pushing forward in the matter against a grieving widow and single mother. His hopes were that his good name would be restored to him in time for what he told CNN’s Piers Morgan was a potential 2016 run at the Presidency.

After Tuesday’s verdict, even Ventura himself does not seem to think that is possible. According to the Washington Post, “I can’t go to UDT-SEAL reunions anymore,” Ventura said Tuesday, adding that it is not safe and that he would have to wonder who might be out to get him next. “I’d have to spend my time looking over my shoulder.”

There clearly are no real winners in this case. Both men’s names have been smeared as a result of the lawsuit. Ventura did get his day in court and he won. It was not the $15 million he was seeking, but he proved his word was stronger than that of a dead man.

Chris Kyle comes out of this legal action as no saint either. It will forever be his word against Jesse Ventura’s in life and in death. There are now accusations that he is nothing more than a fraud with a good story. There is also a movie set to be released in 2015 that stars Bradley Cooper as Kyle and directed by Clint Eastwood. It is hard to tell if that will rectify his good image. The only real truth in this matter is that the defamation suit brought against him by Jesse Ventura defies and betrays an American code of honor that never dies – the code of a Navy SEAL.

Opinion by Justin Williams


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31 Responses to "Jesse Ventura Defamation Suit Defies an American Code of Honor"

  1. Mike   August 18, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Chris Kyle broke the code when he lied and continued to lie, All Ventura wanted was for him(Chris Kyle) to admit he made it, The defense was given a chance to produce witnesses and the only ones they did got caught in lie after lie including they couldn’t even get the place the supposed punch happened right.

    Also before anyone cries about the window paying as Ventura has pointed out it will be the insurance company that pays

  2. sirJ   August 18, 2014 at 12:19 am

  3. Robert Samson   August 12, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    How convenient that people blindly accuse Ventura of being “dishonorable” or some garbage, while ignoring basic facts about this story:

    The fact remains that Kyle invented a story where he pretends Ventura said fallen American soldiers deserved to die, and Kyle continued the lies by saying he punched Ventura out. It is all a load of $hit.

    In reality, Ventura is a proud American military veteran who served in Viet Nam, who is and was always 100% behind every single American soldier. In fact, Ventura calls all the politicians who never served in the military “chickenhawks”. And now, it seems that this smear campaign against Ventura by Anderson Cooper on the Liberal side, and Sarah Palin on the Neo-Con side, is being waged by “chickenhawks”… So who is really being “dishonorable” here, Justin Williams?

    Do the proper research – It turns out Kyle’s wife made 6 Million USD$ off of the book, which is a best seller, while seriously damaging Ventura’s reputation. Therefore, Kyle and his estate are clearly profiting from ‘defamation’, which is illegal in the United States of America, last time I checked. Is that honorable?

    Good for Jesse Ventura to stand up against these Liberal and Neo-Con chickenhawks, and for the truth.

    And shame on anyone who invents facts, and who defends lies. Keep America honorable.

  4. ITTTY IT   August 10, 2014 at 5:20 am

    Either way —-WHAT difference does it MAKE?

    BEWARE the DEMORALIZATIONs and ‘DISS—-tractions’
    of TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media.

    We’re facing OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION!

    There is NO MORE TIME!


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