Jimmy Fallon and Katie Holmes Play Tonight Show Photo Booth [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, Jimmy Fallon’s guests are comedian Chris Hardwick, actress Katie Holmes — with whom he plays Tonight Show Photo Booth — and musical guest OneRepublic.  Jimmy Fallon has really ramped up the guests that have been  appearing on his show as the summer draws to an end.  Add to the great guests, killer monologues and inventive games that Fallon comes up with Steve Higgins. He is one of the funniest announcers, or second bananas, around and The Roots is arguably the best house band on any current late night talk show.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon started with Fallon’s monologue. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

“Anthony Weiner is back in the news. He’s opening a restaurant that will specialize in local food. The portions on the menu look bigger than they are. P.F. Wang’s might be a good name for it, or T.M.I Friday’s. Another good choice would be Hardees,” Fallon said.

“Last week, the White House was briefly shut down as a toddler made it through the fence,” He then read a supposed statement from the baby to Obama.

“The Angels beat the Red Sox in the longest Major League game of the year. Even Kevin Burns said ‘That was just too much baseball,” Fallon said.

Fallon said that tomorrow, a new game will premiere called House of Cue Cards. “So set your DVRS.” He added “My dad tapes everything. I don’t know where he gets the tapes.” He announced that Taylor Swift will be on Tuesday’s show and Sylvester Stallone will be on the show later this week, as will Demi Lovato.

“Katie Holmes has a new movie coming out called The Giver! She will be playing a new game tonight, Tonight Show Photo Booth! Also, Chris Hardwick, host of At Midnight and The Talking Dead, will be here tonight! And, everyone’s excited about these guys. OneRepublic is here!”

“Tonight Show Superlatives” was Jimmy Fallon’s next comedy bit. He named off various golfers of today and made up superlatives about them as we saw their photos.  One was Miguel A Jimeniz, voted “Hardest Rocking Biden.”

Another golfer he mentioned was Rory McElroy, who was voted “Most Likely to be in a Golf Boy Band Called Hole-In-One-Direction,” and one of the last ones he talked about was Kevin Stadler, who was voted “Most Likely to Say ‘Don’t Mind If I Do.'” The second-to-the-last one he mentioned was Jason Kokrak, who he said was  voted “Most Likely to Have a Mustache Made of Teeth,” apparently because the golfer was showing a lot of teeth and very little of his lips in the photo.

Tiger Woods was the last one Fallon referred to, saying that he was voted “Most Likely to Lose to Jimmy Fallon at His Own Video Game.” Then, we saw Jimmy Fallon triumphantly beating Tiger Woods at one of Tiger Woods’ own golf games.

“Our first guest is the beautiful and talented actress who will appear in The Giver, Katie Holmes!” Fallon said. He then held up the latest copy of Glamour magazine with her on the cover.

“Your parents still live in Toledo, Ohio?” Jimmy asked her.

“They do,” she answered. She also talked about her mom sending her care packages, including one of her favorite snack foods, Pop Tarts.

“You started modeling at ten?” Fallon asked.

“No, but I started going to modeling school. At that age I learned to walk, and–” Katie answered.

Fallon said “Oh, a late bloomer.”

The Giver comes out this week. Congratulations! It stars Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges, also,” Fallon said.

Then, Katie talks about The Giver‘s plot and how some of it is in black-and-white and some is in color. It is about a future society. Katie’s character realizes that “something is missing from our lives. No, not missing — stolen.”

Fallon showed a video clip from the movie. He showed a different one when Jeff Bridges was on the Tonight Show last week. It looks like it should be an excellent movie.

When the Tonight Show returns from commercials, Katie Holmes will be playing a new game, Tonight Show Photo Booth, with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon says “There’s a great app on the iPhone called ‘Photo Booth’ where you try to match someone else’s face.”

Katie Holmes tried first. She laughed and said “It’s so bad.” Then, Fallon tried to match the face she came up with using his own face and he got pretty close.

Fallon came up with a big-headed look that made him look somewhat like a big-headed Conan O’Brien and Katie tried matching it. She came up with a good approximation, though her person was female.

Then, they did the Twirl Effect, and that was kind of cool but it looked pretty strange. It was kind of an interesting game, but sort of a way to kill time, too, it seemed.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon then introduced the host of At Midnight on Comedy Central and The Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick. At Midnight is a hilarious new TV show, one of the funniest ones on TV today. “It’s basically a game show where we have comedians and show clips from the Internet and the comedians make jokes about the clips and we give them points,” Hardwick says. He is also the CEO of Nerdist.

“AMC has now picked up your Celebrity Bowling?” Fallon asked.

“Yes! We will bowl against Jon Hamm and the cast of Mad Men,” He has also had actors from The Walking Dead and other shows on the Internet version he has created. He siad that he “dressed like Marty McFly at the Comic Con” and he said he got “to meet Benedict Cumberbatch,” while there.

“Well, I — kind of ran out of questions to ask you,” Jimmy said. Then Chris Hardwick launched into a song with Jimmy Fallon “We’ve Got the Night,” was one of the lyrics to it and possibly the song’s title. It was pretty AMAZING!

OneRepublic is here in the middle of their tour to promote their album Native!” Fallon Said, introducing OneRepublic. Lead singer Ryan Tedder ROCKED IT OUT the band gave a tremendous performance of Love Runs Out. He even grabbed a tambourine and shook it in time to the song as he was singing it.  OneRepublic is one of today’s hottest bands and they showed why they are so popular with their energetic and rousing performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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