Justin Bieber Flouting the Law Again: When Will It Stop?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been caught flouting the law yet again, leading many to question when this behavior will stop. Since the start of 2014, it does not seem like a month goes by without the Canadian singer doing something that involves the law. One of the incidents led to a petition being signed by over 200,000 members of the United States to have him extradited. While it reached the White House, the officials decided against doing anything.

The latest incident put various members of the public at risk. Bieber chose to skip traffic and ride his Can-Am Spyder on the sidewalk. While he kept his pace slow, he only narrowly missed members of the public. One of those was an elderly woman who needed a walker to aid her movements. Had he been going a little quicker, she would have stood very little chance of getting out of the way.

Everything was caught on camera and will possibly be used against him. He is currently on two years of probation for his incident at the start of the year. He was involved in throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home, and was caught out when police had a warrant to search his home. It was eventually taken to court.

Considering his probation, this incident could lead to the 20-year-old being jailed. He is clearly a danger to people and something needs to happen. This is not the first time that Bieber has put people’s lives at risk by flouting the law, making people ask when and how will it finally stop? Another incident at the start of 2014 saw him arrested for drag racing. While the streets were quiet, anything could have happened to innocent members of the public.

There was some common sense in his entourage with the sidewalk incident. Others decided to stay on the road and wait in traffic. Maybe they know that following Bieber is not always a good idea for their own legal battles.

After the sidewalk, the group got back together and travelled down the road side-by-side. That ended up taking up the two and a half lanes, making it impossible for other cars to pass them. It arguably caused other problems and is just another show that the Boyfriend singer has no care in the world when it comes to the rules of the road.

Something needs to happen to teach him a lesson. His probation and community service has obviously not been enough to deter him from doing something again. The video from this incident may be enough for a judge to finally decide that he needs to be sent to jail for a short term. Maybe that will deter him from breaking the law again.

Many members of the public are now annoyed at the Canadian’s actions. He continually puts them at risk and is a bad influence on their children. It was clear after the Miami drag racing incident that people want something to happen. Without something happening, people will continually question when Bieber will stop flouting the law.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail

2 Responses to "Justin Bieber Flouting the Law Again: When Will It Stop?"

  1. tyson bell   August 23, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    So if a big time singer gets bullied by people some people will stick of for him and defend him but if a no body is the victim it’s a different story you will either ignore it or join in you wouldn’t dare try to stop it because you don’t want to be the victim so ask yourself this would you stick of for a bully victim like you would for Justin if not then you have no right to criticize people for their actions and tell them what’s right from wrong because in this world we all know deep down that right and wrong doesn’t exist there’s only you and others opinions.

  2. Niall   August 23, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    When will people stop calling him “gay”, “talentless” and constantly bullying him for no reason? Justin has been bullied for no reason since the beginning of his career.


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