Vacation at Work for After School Fun as a Camp Leader


After school is over and a person is still trying to decide what to do next in life, there is an opportunity to not only make some hard-earned cash, but also have a lot of fun, quite literally on vacation, while at work as a camp leader.

Summer camp is well-known as being a great tradition in the U.S.A. and most kids have had the opportunity to enjoy the summer camp experience, but they might possibly never have imagined that they could have the chance to do more in relation to these camps. The opportunity exists for anyone to train to become a camp leader.

There are various camp leader programs available globally, which offer a school-leaver or existing student the opportunity to not only make a difference in the life of other children, but also to spend some great time in the outdoors while also gaining valuable working experience. Working in the role of a camp leader enhances leadership skills and can offer an international work experience, allowing for work at camps worldwide and, of course, looks great on their curriculum vitae.

Opportunities also exist for students from all over the world to participate as a camp leader in the U.S.A. What’s even better, after experiencing a fun summer as a camp leader, there is an additional month tagged on allowing them to travel around and experience even more of the U.S. Besides being a camp leader, other vital positions are also available in the form of support staff, in the field of food service, housekeeping, transportation and maintenance, for example.

In recent years and with the current economic situation, it has often become necessary for both parents to be employed full-time and they then lack either the time or the ability to give their children meaningful and enjoyable outdoor experiences in life.   The opportunity for their children to not only participate themselves in the summer camp experience, but also to become camp leaders in such camps, becomes ever more attractive. The opportunity to vacation while at work as a camp leader after school is over becomes a real and fun temptation indeed.

There are several training programs available, not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom and Canada, giving a range of opportunities in the field. It was found that there is a shortage of suitable leaders and educators who are qualified to lead the outdoor activities of summer camp and with increasing risk factors involved these days in the safety of minors, an urgent need arose to both train and employ the right people to do the job.

Basically, becoming a camp leader is a unique opportunity to not only have a great amount of vacation fun, but to also build a strong work experience, gain leadership skills and a great curriculum vitae. For anyone wishing to vacation while at work after school is over, there is no fun employment quite like becoming a camp leader.

By Anne Sewell



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