Miley Cyrus Banned in Dominican Republic

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus fans in the Dominican Republic will be unhappy to hear that she has been banned. Officials have decided that her concerts are too offensive and she cannot perform at all. It is not surprising considering some of the antics that she gets up to on the stage. There have been various complaints from parents around the world who no longer see her as a positive role model for their children.

The former Disney star’s Bangerz concert in the country has been cancelled, leaving many young fans upset. It was scheduled to take place on September 13. Arguably the Dominican Republic government has left it relatively late to decide that the concert should be cancelled. This was a date that had been planned for months now.

The government stated morality grounds as the reason for banning the singer. Some of her actions go against the customs and morals of the country. They would be “punishable by Dominican Law” if she was allowed to continue, and she would be a bad influence on the people in the country.

Some of the actions the government are referring to include the cannabis-patterned leotard that she wears during her shows and pretending to perform oral sex on someone pretending to be former president Bill Clinton. In previous shows she has smoked cannabis on stage; a drug that is illegal in the country.

Of course, some of these actions are immoral or go against laws in other countries, but Cyrus as only been banned in the Dominican Republic so far. Some will question whether it is the government’s attempt at limiting the outside world to its people. This is not first time that the officials have acted this way. In the past, particular songs have been banned from the airways.

Fans will be able to gain refunds for their tickets, which have been reportedly available for purchase since July. Some fans paid as much as $370 for their tickets to get the best spots in the venue.

This is not the first time the singer has been banned from performing in certain countries. China is on her list of countries that she is not welcome after a reportedly racist action in a video.

Cyrus is certainly not the first celebrity to find herself banned from a particular country. There have been many others, especially those who share their true personalities and want to have fun on stage. Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her concerts in Indonesia after having her life threatened by Islamic groups. China has also banned Jay Z because his lyrics are considered vulgar.

Not all of the countries are ones that are considered deeply religious or politically troubled. The United States chose to decline Amy Winehouse’s visa meaning that she was unable to accept her Grammys in person. Snoop Dog was also prevented from entering Australia and the United Kingdom.

Many countries do it to protect their people and to show that some celebrities are bad influences. That seems the case for the Dominican Republic, which has chosen to ban Cyrus for her poor morals.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent


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  1. Pab Dizzle   August 23, 2014 at 7:12 am

    My respect for the Dominican Republic suddenly increased.


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