Kim Kardashian Has Run Out of Patience With Brother Rob

Kim Kardashian has run out of patience when it comes to her brother Rob. The 33 year-old reality TV star opened up about her relationship with her brother during an interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that took place on Tuesday night.

When questioned about the events that took place prior to Rob Kardashian leaving his sister’s wedding to rapper Kanye West before it had even started, Kardashian confirmed reports that her brother was self-conscious about his appearance to the point that he did not want to be involved in the event whatsoever. She went on to further confirm that he exited the event in order to avoid having any photographs taken of him. She denies speculation that she and the rest of the Kardashian clan were embarrassed by how he looked, fully shooting down the rumors she herself had publicly shamed him for not making an effort to improve his appearance before her big day. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star says this could not be further from the truth, and explains how she and her family attempted no end of intervention and assistance to help the 27 year-old improve his lifestyle and get back to where he used to be. This assistance, however, proved to be futile one too many times for Kardashian, with Rob shutting both her and the family out every time they offered to lend a hand.

The issue escalated when it was revealed that her brother was heavy into narcotics use and had been abusing marijuana and the newly popular drug “sizzurp,” which consists of promethazine mixed with codeine syrup. After pictures of Rob engaging in a drug-fueled party circulated the internet in late June, the family scrambled into action in an attempt to get him into a rehabilitation center. This mission was not a success, and Kardashian recalls the difficulty it took to reach her decision of giving her brother what she calls “tough love.” She believes that her brother has had more than enough time to make a change in his life, and that there is no more room for encouragement or support if he continues to choose to ignore the advice and help given to him by her and the rest of the family.

Rob Kardashian’s weight gain became a matter of public issue in early 2013, when photographs of the entrepreneur looking very different from his former self began to sweep the internet. The reason behind this unexpected change of appearance was originally linked to his breakup with British singer Rita Ora, after which Rob was reportedly heartbroken. He confirmed he had gained 40 pounds due to depression, but swore he would bring himself back down to what he used to be. After making a few appearances to promote his sock line, Arthur George, a newly thinned down Rob exited the spotlight for a short period of time. Upon his return to the limelight in late May, when he was photographed leaving LAX on the way to his sister’s wedding, the businessman had clearly regained the shed pounds as well as put on a few extra. Sources close to him believe that the drug use has played a steady hand in the additional weight gain, as well as Rob’s inability to keep it off.

Rob Kardashian has yet to respond to his sister’s recent statements. However, it seems that Kim Kardashian has clearly made up her mind to no longer attempt to assist her brother for the time being.

by Rebecca Grace

Huffington Post

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