President Obama: The ISIL Siege of Mt. Sinjar in Iraq Is Broken


During a press conference from Martha’s Vineyard where President Obama is vacationing, he stated that the siege of the Yazidi refugees on Iraq’s Mt. Sinjar is broken. Further, he does not think a rescue effort nor the continuation of humanitarian aid is necessary. According to Obama the “situation is greatly improved” and Americans should be “very proud of our efforts.”

Yesterday U.S. Special Forces flew to Iraq to assess the conditions on Mount Sinjar and the potential need to evacuate the refugees. Based upon their assessment, additional operations in the area are not expected. Apparently, there are only 4,500 refugees left on the mountain and approximately half of them are sheepherders who do not want to leave the area. Further, the remaining refugees have sufficient supplies and the means to make their way off the mountain without U.S. intervention. According to the Associated Press, airstrikes in the region will continue.

By Alana Marie Burke


Huffington Post
Washington Post

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