Kindle Direct Publishers Can Now Allow Pre-Ordering


Kindle Direct Publishers (KDP) can now allow pre-ordering on their books. Amazon announced the update today in an email, making many indie authors happy about the news. Pre-ordering will allow self-publishers more ability to create a buzz around their upcoming books and novels.

The move will apply to all Kindle stores around the world, which include the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Brazil. Previously, some updates have only been available to a limited number of stores at first and then granted to all others once the kinks have been worked out.

The pre-ordering is available immediately, and is very easy to offer. Users can add their books and covers as usual and even select the price like they always have. It is only at the fourth step that users have to choose between making their book immediately available or offering it as a pre-order.

Pre-ordering makes it possible to have the cover of the book and description shown on an Amazon page. Kindle Direct Publishers will also have a link to that page and can promote the book for up to 90 days before its release. The link can be added on social media, an author’s own website and on sites like Goodreads.

Amazon users can choose to pre-order the book in the same way that they would any other book available on the site. Once the chosen date of release is reached, the book will be sent directly to those who have pre-ordered and the money will be credited to the author’s account.

There are some limitations now that Kindle Direct Publishers can now allow pre-ordering of their books. The main one is that samples of the book will not be made available. This is often something that readers will look at to determine whether a book is for them or not. Authors get to choose how much of the book is available as a sample to help tease the reader into buying to finish their fictional or non-fictional books.

Another limitation is that authors can only use the pre-order function for new books. Those that are public domain are also not eligible for this new function. Kindle Direct Publishers are also limited to just 10 pre-ordered books at a time. While many will not reach this because they focus on quality, there are some who like to share short, spammy eBooks and Amazon wants to cut down on this.

There are a number of benefits of opting for pre-ordering as KDP authors. One of those is that the number of pre-ordered sales count towards sales rank and any other statistics for authors and books. It can lead to new books that are not even released yet reaching the top sold books. Promoting an upcoming book is also much easier. Readers often like to buy as soon as they find out about something, rather than trying to remember the release date.

This is a positive move for self-publishers. It puts them on a similar level to authors who go through publishers. Kindle Direct Publishers can allow pre-ordering from today, and are encouraged to make full use of it.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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