Android Users Continually Angered Due to iMessenge Problems


Android users are still continually angered due to problems with iMessenge. Many find that they need to carry their original iPhone with them just for these types of text messages, despite preferring the cheaper Google-run devices.

The downside is that there are currently no options to integrate iMessenge with Android devices. Apple has not yet released an app and is unlikely to do so. By having it solely for Apple users, it creates a dependency. Why would someone want to switch when they know they their friends are all using iMessenge anyway?

There are some alternatives out there. Apps like Snapchat, Skype and Facebook Messenger all offer very similar capabilities. They all allow for free messages to be sent, without the use of the SMS allowance, and also allow video calls. However, it will require everyone wanting to switch to use any of the other apps, and some people simply prefer to send iMessages because the function is already built into the phone.

So, what other options do Android users have? With a quick search of the Google Play store, there are apps that resemble the iMessenge setup. In fact, some even claim that they work with the Apple messaging system. While this could be the case, there are security risks. Users will have to use their Apple ID and password, and there is little understood about how the information is stored or how it is used.

There are phishing attacks on a daily basis. It makes sense to be cautious when downloading something from a third-party. However, Android users are continually angered due to problems with iMessenge. It leaves them one option of being stuck with a phone that they may not want.

While this is an issue, there are others for those who switch from the Apple to the Google-run devices. The biggest issue, which led to one woman taking Apple to court, is that those who switch do not receive all their messages. They have to remember to turn iMessenge off from their Apple device, and even that does not already work.

It leads to people trying to send messages as iMessages, without realizing that their friend or family member can no longer receive them. People can miss out on important events, updates and general everyday texts. The issue is that Apple servers still believed that a now-Android user was still on their iPhones. The current fix of turning iMessenge off is not realistic for those who trade in their phones for a new one.

The good news is Apple has finally acknowledged the problem and is dedicated to finding a fix. The tech giant claims that it is a bug somewhere, but has not shared any specifics about it. It also refuses to share details of any fixes it is considering making. However, those who leave Apple should not have to worry about missing out on text messages soon.

While the problem is slowly being fixed, there is still an issue for those who used the group chat facility. Yes, there are other apps but not everyone will want to switch. This iMessenge problem continually angers Android users as they try to find a workaround.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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