Kourtney Kardashian Claims Keyshawn Johnson Sold Her Moldy House


Kourtney Kardashian is going after former professional football player Keyshawn Johnson, claiming he sold her and her family a house that is infested with mold. The reality television star is threatening to sue anyone she finds to be involved in the matter.

Johnson sold Kardashian his Calabasas mansion earlier this year. Upon moving into the home with long-time partner Scott Disick and their two children, Kardashian alleges they were essentially tricked into believing the house was safe by way of a cleverly added paint job. She says the mold was found by her decorator while he was installing a light fixture in the master bedroom.

After discovering the mold, the 35-year-old says she was so concerned for the safety of her children and unborn child that she checked them all into the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills immediately. Disick, who arrived back from the Hamptons a little later than the rest of the family, joined them shortly thereafter.

Johnson and his lawyer claim the allegations are simply untrue. According to the former NFL wide receiver, the house was fully inspected and passed all examinations by inspectors hired by the buyers themselves.

He also finds it hard to believe that Kardashian would accuse him of allowing mold to grow in the home that he shared with his two children, whom he says mostly slept in the master bedroom where the mold was allegedly discovered. The lawyer says his client is shocked that Kardashian thinks he would allow his children to be exposed to something so dangerous.

Johnson also claims he never once painted any of the house’s walls in the entire two-and-a-half years he resided there. He believes that any mold which transpired following the sale of the home was possibly due to a leaking bathroom pipe, an incident that occurred after Kardashian and her family had moved into the house.

He went on to say that she even called him following the rupture of the pipe to ask if the house was still currently under warranty, in order to avoid paying for the repairs. Johnson also gives his view that Kardashian and her family were pests from the very beginning of the sale, calling him to no end to continuously ask him questions regarding the home.

This is not the first time the football player has been involved in a public feud with another celebrity. Back in early January, Johnson went to war with Canadian pop star Justin Bieber after the latter exhibited extremely reckless driving in the Calabasas neighborhood, in which the NFL star lived at that time.

Johnson was furious at Bieber’s blatant disregard for the safety of those around him, particularly that of Johnson’s two kids, who spent much of their time playing outside. After chasing Bieber’s car to his door with his own car, the battle culminated in a still talked-about showdown at Bieber’s door, upon which time the singer allegedly hid after finding out Johnson was none too happy. According to Johnson, he then made the decision to pry the singer’s garage door open and slam a bodyguard up against the wall in an attempt to reach Bieber.

The outcome of the housing war between Kourtney Kardashian and Keyshawn Johnson, in which Kourtney is saying that Johnson sold her a moldy house, remains unknown. Both parties remain at a standstill with each on accusing the other of causing the mold.

by Rebecca Grace

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