Longmire Series Shot Down by A&E Network

Longmire Series Shot Down by A&E Network

Longmire Series Shot Down by A&E Network

News that the popular Longmire cowboy detective series has been shot down by the A&E Network after the season three cliffhanger ending has not only puzzled fans but infuriated them. It is apparent to fans of the series that A&E would much rather produce reality television which costs much less to make than this popular scripted television show.

It has been reported that the network are “cleaning house” and removing shows from their roster which are not being helmed by A&E itself. The western crime drama is actually produced by Warner Horizons studios and Deadline have stated that the producers will be touting the show to other networks.

The A&E Network reps have not responded to allegations of foul play and the question remains unanswered as to why they really dropped a popular television show so abruptly from their roster. A statement released by the network says, in essence, that they thank the “phenomenal cast…” and then go on to say that they are “proud” of what their partnership “achieved together.”

Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff and Lou Diamond Phillips have not responded “officially” to the news that this Wyoming-based mystery has been axed by the network for no real discernable reason. Phillips has, however, made his feelings known via his Twitter account @LouDPhillips. On August 28, he posted the following tweet:

Longmire Series Shot Down by A&E Network

It seems that rather than support a superb scripted series like Longmire, the A&E Network would much rather promote reality shows Storage Wars, Wahlburgers Epic Ink, et al. To have a show that can boast ratings of 4 million plus to be shot down with no explanation is beyond shocking.

Of course the season three finale did only pull in around 3.68 million viewers versus the 4.42 million that tuned in for the last season’s finale. The drop in figures could have been significant enough for the network to toss out the show like last night’s leftovers.

It should also be pointed out that the overall viewing figures for season three have been smaller than those for previous seasons. The network could be using this to forecast a falling off trend that they are unwilling to accept. If that is the reason, it would have been nice for the fans, not to mention the cast, crew and producers of the show, for A&E to say so.

Longmire, may actually do much better on another network. Thus far, the detective show has been one of television’s best kept secrets. Based upon the book series, Walt Longmire Mysteries, penned by Craig Johnson the show has a pretty devout, if somewhat small, following. The show is set in Wyoming, filmed in New Mexico and features an Australian as the “cowboy” sheriff who solves crimes on and off the reservation. This odd mixture has produced a fantastic show.

The scripts for the mystery/drama are intelligent, insightful and pay respect to a portion of American’s often left out, ignored or patronised; the Native American. The Longmire series being shot down by the A&E Network has upset many fans of the show, but it could be a blessing in disguise. If Warner Horizons can get another network to buy the series, Longmire may get back in the saddle again to find out about that shotgun blast in the season three finale.

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47 thoughts on “Longmire Series Shot Down by A&E Network

  1. Can’t understand why A&E would cancel Longmire. I think that they should bring it back and cancell some of the reality shows. Some of the reality shows are really stupid and I wouldn’t watch them if they were the only thing on television. I really love to watch Longmire and I hope that they come to their senses and renew it.

  2. I am never watching a&e again. What were you people thinking? I hate reality shows. Arts and entertainment, that is a joke.

  3. whoever cancelled longmire should reconsider. i get tired of really stupid reality shows that come up in place of good ones. i hope another network picks up the show. we wait all year for it to come back. cancelling was a stupid move

  4. Its clear to me that A&E has little to know respect for the so called older fan base, who by the way have far better judgment on shows fit for most age groups than they do. Not only is their reason for canceling this show stupid it’s disrespectful. As a member of the older fan base our options on programs should matter thank you very much. Grow some brains and bring longmire back.

  5. “Longmire” is a show that HAS character, humor, mystery, drama, AND history, so, that alone, should be the reason to keep this GREAT show on TV, BUT, definitely on another channel (TNT, USA, or, even the HISTORY channel), because A&E has “chosen” to NOT honor the loyal fans that they HAD when they offered “Longmire” to us in the first place. Reality shows have taken over television, which is a shame, because most intelligent people would rather watch quality shows that actually “teach” us something other than “women yelling and fighting with each other” or “flipping houses”, or, uh, duh, I don’t know, because my “brain is needing a Longmire ‘fix’ about now”! (smile!). Seriously, KEEP quality shows like “Longmire” on the “expensive cable that I already pay for”! A&E, thank you for giving us “Longmire”, and now YOU should HELP it find a new home, if you no longer want this fantastic program on the “Arts & Entertainment Network. Thank you. ([email protected])

  6. I can’t believe they would cancel this program. It was left with a cliff hanger. I really like this show. DON’T CANCEL THIS PROGRAM!!!!!

  7. please reconsider this! it’s the only one on A&E worth watching. most of the reality shows are a waste of air time. this was Entertaining.

  8. Longmire was the only show I watch on A&E. I really hope some other network picks up Longmire. Their is no reason for me to watch A&E again and they can have their reality shows. And the reality is I want be back.

  9. Who is the IDIOT who authorized the cancelling of Longmire ?? You people have lost sight of what your network is about. A&E lost another viewer.

  10. I truly hope there is support for this show to be bought by another network. It is so good plus it’s one that any age could enjoy. It was one we watched as a family (teenager included). There have been so many good shows over the years that are cancelled based on demographics. The Glades is one, and the other was from CBS “Harry’s Law.” All of these were great entertainment. I don’t know what my not at watching A&E would do, but if I could cancel that channel and knew it would hurt them in their bottom line, I would!

  11. You know this is the second time A&E does that. First The Glades and now Longmire. They were both great shows. I guess I won’t be watching this station anymore.

  12. I think we should realize we are being encouraged to no longer have thinking skills, shows with a message and plot, encourage thought. so we are fed mindless dribble showing people acting their worst. If we accept that without a fight then that is what we will get

  13. So, who does A&E plan on “entertaining”? It will no longer be on in our home. Longmire was so well acted and so different from other programs. Intelligent, interesting and beautiful to watch. Good-bye A&E.

  14. Not that surprising considering A&E has done so little to promote the show this season; i.e. no PR effort on A&E’s part for Emmy consideration. USA or TNT would actually be a better fit — more publicity and more than 10 episodes a season!!!

    1. Fingers crossed Alan! It would be nice for a network to take over the show and show it some love for a change.

  15. Shows like Longmire interestingly enough give a far better representation of life and reality, More so than any reality show.that comes to mind. Networks love Reality TV because, as stated early, they cost less to produce, no need to hire real actors, amazingly large, mindless number of viewers that love RT. Newton Minnow, FCC chief in 1961, spoke of the vast wasteland of American television. Makes you think he knew what was coming. He was accused of snobbish, elitism for wanting to see shows like Playhouse 90;(Longmire) vs Queen for a Day (American Idol) . In it’s formative years Educational Television changed it’s name to Public television for fear that the word educational would drive people away, what more needs to be said. Sorry to see this series go, I really miss the Western as a regular on the tube.

    1. Wonderfully insightful comment on the state of television today, Michael. Like you I believe that Minow must have had a crystal ball at his disposal. Thanks for sharing and I too miss the Western on telly but not the incredibly crude Deadwood. Cheers!

  16. I agree that the reality shows are not worth watching. I don’tcare about how many kids you have or how you raise them . or your stupid family making duck calls or whatever. But a good series like Longmire,Leverage,or CIS Miami will keep me in from of the TV.

  17. Sad to see it go. Will miss this fine show and wonderful cast. We hope it returns somewhere. Its always the best shows that get cut.elwoodel

  18. With the cancellation of Longmire, another GREAT SHOW hits the dust. No wonder TV is often referenced as “the idiot box” and/or “boob tube” with all the mindless reality shows that are replacing shows like Longmire. I have not in the past and will not in the future watch the junk (i.e. reality shows) that is being offered. I really hope that the viewing public takes this stance, and networks will begin to stop force feeding the viewing public the inexpensive crap they are leaning towards.

  19. I love Longmire. And, I get so mad when I get involved in a new show and the network cancels it!! I hate reality tv. Please, someone pick up Longmire to keep it going.

    1. Well said Barbara! Reality TV, which took over British television while I lived there, is the cheapest most base of form of entertainment. It is infuriating to see a “great” program like the thoughtful Longmire be cancelled with such good ratings. Thanks for stopping and sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

  20. This is disappointing to hear. I fell in love with this show the first time I watched it and I have watched every episode since the first season opener. Taking this off the air right after the cliff hanger is completely cruel and will make me not want to watch this channel any more.

    1. Agreed Nikki and Dave! A&E have definitely alienated their “former” audience…thanks for sharing guys! Cheers!

  21. I love Longmire and the wonderful characters.. Please find somewhere to continue series..Change to a Netflix series. Already has two seasons on it.

  22. Alana the reason there are no contractions in Henry’s speech is in the books that is the way Henry speaks. He has been highly educated thus speaks correctly.

  23. Have watched this show from the beginning. One of the few TV shows I watch. It is interesting, great acting, great scripts……..love the fact that it highlights some of the problems plaguing Native culture today. Excellent show. Please someone pick this up and I agree make it a fall lineup instead of just a summer show!

  24. Noooooooo! Why would they even consider axing such an amazing show? Not to mention, this is the only vehicle Lou Diamond Phillips has ever had in which he came close to being considered a serious actor. I’ve even gotten over the complete lack of contractions in his speech – now it just sounds authentic lol! Canceling this show is as lame as when the brilliant show Firefly was canceled on another network.

    1. Agreed Alana! It does feel a little like the Firefly scenario…another case of the Networks being unable to understand what people want versus what they want to make, cheaper reality TV rubbish. Can you say, KUWTK?

  25. Love my Longmire,shame on A/E for that dumb and not very wise decision. Hope another network will pick them up. PLEASE!!!

  26. It figures that A&E would cancel this series, They seem to be following the script of many of the networks these last few years in “dumbing down” their shows. Inane scripts, non renewal of actor contracts, bouncing existing shows around to different time slots, even different days, making it difficult if not impossible, for fans to keep up with the story line. I agree with Leonie about the Native American culture. Often, they are relegated to a sub plot and are easily overshadowed by the rest of the show. Longmire was, and is the exception to this rule.

  27. It’s too bad that the A & E network would cancel a series like Longmire. We can only hope that another network will see that its worth keeping. A fall line-up for it would be great. I have been following the series since its inception. I enjoy, like many others the feel of realness the show brings to the screen each week. A & E has only kept me viewing their network because of this show. Now I am cancelling A & E .

  28. Big Aussie tears here … I love Longmire and the learning about the native Indian culture and Lores. Please please someone pick it up … I need my weekly Walt and Henry ‘fix’

  29. That network has lost so much credibility in recent years, but this cancellation is the last straw. It should have kept a show like Longmire that gave it respectability, as compared to so much of its low-brow junk. Wish a network would pick it up and make it part of the fall lineup instead of just a summer show.

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