Michael Jackson Video A Place With No Name Released [Video]

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Debuting exclusively on Twitter five years after the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, his estate has released a new video called A Place With No Name, which will likely be a big hit with his multitudes of fans. The video, the first one ever to debut solely on Twitter, incorporates outtakes from Jackson’s In the Closet video (1992), was directed by Samuel Bayer. Bayer is perhaps best-known for having directed Nirvana’s Feel Like Teen Spirit video, though he also made the Angels video for Robbie Williams.

According to Samuel Bayer, he feels that “there are a few more great things out there” and he hoped that “we’ll all have a chance to hear them.”

Besides the outtakes from Michael Jackson’s In the Closet video, A Place With No Home includes scenes of a couple dancing on a beach. The song, which was originally recorded in 1998, was heavily influenced by the song A Horse With No Name by the iconic rock group, America. The song is one of many that the Michael Jackson estate plans to release in the coming years. His estate reportedly has enough unreleased songs in its archives for several albums.

The posthumous album, Michael, did not warm the hearts of critics or fans. Xscape, the second posthumous Michael Jackson album compiled and released by his estate, has been doing much better, though sales have dropped off in recent weeks. A Place With No Name, produced by Rodney Jenkins, is the second video from Xscape so far.

One person who is not happy, at all, about the latest Michael Jackson video is one of his brothers, Jermaine Jackson. He spoke to Oprah Winfrey about how disgusted he was about the video and how he felt that it did not represent Michael Jackson’s style of music very well.

Jermaine stated that the music he was hearing in the A Place With No Name video “is not Michael — at all.” He expressed his belief that Michael did not release the song because he did not want it out. Jermaine said he did not think Michael would have put “all these hip-hop beats” in the song. According to Jermaine, “Michael would die over again if he heard what they were doing.”

Though Jermaine Jackson did not like how the video of Michael’s A Place With No Name turned out, he would probably be one of the first to acknowledge that his brother was an excellent musician and a role model for people around the world. It is little wonder that Michael Jackson’s fans still crave the chance to hear previously unreleased music by him.

Michael Jackson fans in Times Square got the opportunity this morning to see A Place With No Name as it was shown on the huge Sony screen there. Interspersed with the scenes of the couple dancing on a beach at the beginning of the video, there are black-and-white scenes of Michael Jackson and another dancer dancing in a desert environment.

Then, the rest of A Place With No Name is in color. Behind-the-scenes footage of Michael Jackson are included. Ever since 1992, the previously unreleased footage for the video had been in a vault.

Thanks to the Michael Jackson’s estate and producer, Samuel Bayer, A Place With No Name has now been released and the video is below. Though some people, like Michael’s brother, Jermaine, have voiced the opinion that Michael Jackson would not have liked how the video was produced, it is a chance for fans to hear the song and see the video and judge for themselves how it turned out. The near future is sure to see even more songs and videos released by the estate of Michael Jackson.

Written By Douglas Cobb

A Place With No Name Official Video

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