The Bridge Season Two Episode Six Eva Escapes (Recap and Review)

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The Bridge Season Two Episode Six Eva Escapes (Recap and Review)

At the start of season two, episode six of The Bridge Jack Dobbs has figured out what those child-like drawings of his brother’s means and by the end of the show Eva escapes. This week’s episode has Dobbs digging up a body, after he deciphers his late brother’s artwork as maps. When he digs under a water tower, he finds the corpse buried there. The prosecutor who wants to help Eva, now has a private bodyguard since his attempted kidnapping in the last episode.

Dobbs does not reveal to Sonya the news of the body that his brother obviously put under the tower and the two of them decide to put her sister’s killer’s ashes, in the trash dumpster in the alley. Cross gives Jack a key to her apartment and then explains that in terms of a relationship, she is not his girlfriend. The two decide to let things run their course.

Daniel Frye and Adriana Mendez track down the lead given by the D.E.A. agent, Joe McKenzie and speak to a hit man who gives them more information than they expected. The entire interview with Franco (the assassin for hire) takes place with the two journos wearing hoods, “for their protection.” The paid killer spells out the connection between the drug cartel boss Fausto Galvan and the international company Clio Grupo that launders Fausto’s money.

Prosecutor Pintado is kidnapped, this time successfully and any hope that Eva had of getting the Juarez cops who raped her jailed dies when the prosecutor is murdered. In season two, episode six of The Bridge if Eva plans to escape her isolated existence as the safe house, she will need to take matters into her own hands.

Marco and Sonya go to investigate the scene of Pintado’s staged accident and Cross is threatened by the same Juarez cop who she stopped from attempting to kidnap the prosecutor once before. After she and Ruiz realize that Eva’s statement is not among the papers scattered around Pintado’s body, they go to warn the woman about the most recent turn of events.

Unsurprisingly, Eva turns down their offer of further help. Ruiz and Cross decide to track down the woman’s original statement, at the last hotel room that Pintado stayed in before he was murdered.

Before the two partners go to the hotel room, Eva heads out to the shed where the captured cop has been tied up and questioned by Steven Linder. The rapist is in bad shape as Linder has beaten the information he needed out of him. Eva tells the man that he never touched her soul and as the man taunts her, she begins striking the dirty cop with an axe till he dies.

The story that Frye and Adriana wrote about Fausto and Grupo Clio is killed by the editor at the paper. After the editor accuses him of being high, Daniel gives a urine sample in front of the entire newsroom. His editor then fires him, whereupon Frye pours the urine on the man’s desk.

Sebastian Cerisola, the head of Grupo Clio, visits Fausto and asks him to slow down the escalating body rate. After asking what Cerisola expects him to do, the drug boss stalks from the room. Marco and Sonya are interrupted in mid-search of the hotel room by two Juarez policemen. There is a brief shootout and Marco tells Sonya to get out as more cops are on their way. Once she leaves the room, the sound of two gunshots ring out from the other side of the door.

By the end of season two episode six of The Bridge, Steven and Eva bury the body and Eva escapes on the back of Linder’s motorcycle. Sonya is upset that she shot one of the now dead cops in the late prosecutor’s hotel room and Ruiz tells his partner that he will take care of it. Things are escalating in the series and it looks like Adriana may well be targeted in the near future by the money laundering company. The Bridge airs on FX each Wednesday.

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