Miley Cyrus Adds to Her Family of Pets

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Miley Cyrus has added to her family of pets. Unlike the previous time, when it was obviously an attempt to heal the pain of losing dog Floyd, this time the singer has waited until she is ready. It is not just another dog either. The former Disney star bought a pet piglet to add to her little family.

It was a devastating April for Cyrus. The month started with the death of her favorite dog. While some people would roll their eyes, losing a loyal pet is very similar to losing a child. Her mother tried to help by getting a new dog, but the Wrecking Ball singer had to give the new pet up in the end. She was not at a point in her life where she could welcome a new animal.

Shortly after, the 21-year-old was struggling with her loss and ended up with a sinus infection. The medication to help deal with that led to an allergic reaction and she was forced into hospital for a number of days. Tour dates were cancelled, which upset her even more.

It has taken some time, but the singer is now ready to move on. Despite still being on tour—with many of the rescheduled dates coming up—the singer proved that she has plenty of time to shower her new pet with affection. Instead of opting for a traditional dog, Cyrus has added to her family of pets with a pig, naming her Bubba-Sue.

She has shared a number of selfies on social media with her new piglet, which looks no more than a few weeks old. In most of the photos, Bubba-Sue nestled into her new mommy, and the 21-year-old held her piglet to her chest. There is a clear love and affection for the new pet already judging by the cuddles Bubba-Sue was receiving.

This is not the first time Cyrus has had something to do with animals that are not dogs. She loves all types of animals, especially farm animals. The 21-year-old has previously spoken out about farm cows that suffer in health, and for her 20th birthday a piglet was sponsored for her by PETA. According to PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman, it was the perfect present as she encourages so many people to help animals around them.

There is hope that this new piglet is not just a replacement animal. While she has been on tour and four months is not a long time to get over the death of a dog, Cyrus does have a large heart. She has also made the decision to have this new pet in her life, and has not opted for another dog. This can help her to move on from Floyd’s death. Many fans will just hope that she can move on once she is off tour and has time to spend with her pets. There is also hope that the dogs in her life will accept the new pet that Cyrus has added to the family.

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