Hades’ Disciples By Michael West: The Legacy Continues


Hades' Disciples By Michael West: The Legacy Continues

Hades’ Disciples by Michael West continues the Legacy of the Gods series that started with Poseidon’s Children in 2012. The first novel was an almost Lovecraftian tale of shape shifting creatures who resided in the New England seaside town of Colonial Bay. This “hidden” population is discovered by accident and after a powerful mobster, Roger Hays, learns that his son has been killed in the town, he orders it destroyed. An epic battle between morphing creatures who worship an old God and a small group of humans takes place in this now “not-so-quaint” tourist town.

The first book introduced readers to characters who became firm favorites. In the second of the trilogy Earl Preston, formerly of the Coast Guard and now an agent for Homeland Security and his partner Agent Andrews are hunting down crop circles. Carol Miyagi and her new lover Alan Everson are in Japan living in her grandmother’s house when an old friend from her past Kari Hannigan drops in to ask for Carol’s help in tracking down her missing father.

Both Earl Preston and Carol are just two of the survivors from Poseidon’s Children, another Colonial Bay “left over” is Dante “Horror Show” Vianello who is in prison for his part in the seaside town’s epic battle. He is the go-between for his defence lawyer and a shape changer incarcerated in the same facility known as Preacher.

In Hades’ Disciples, the second in the Legacy of the Gods by Michael West, the action moves from the New England setting and becomes more of a global arena of struggle between humans and shape shifting monsters who want to put the old Gods back in charge of the world. This change of backdrop is done brilliantly.

Carol is tracked down by a “were-tiger” who attacks her, Alan and her old chum Kari in her Japanese home. Later, the trio head to the Himalayas to look for an ark that Professor Hannigan, father to Kari, was searching for. The other two protagonists, Earl and his partner, are still stateside but their travels keep them moving around quite a bit, from crop circles in fields to battles in the city.

Agent’s Preston and Andrews learn that Colonial Bay was not an isolated case of were-creatures and are ambushed with deadly consequences. Earl learns of the three factions involved in this struggle for control. Poseidon’s Children are, as the name signifies, the more nautical section of the old Gods. Hades’ Disciples include the creatures of land bound myth, Dragons, giant bats, werewolves, and spider men are just a few creatures that make up this section of the Legacy of the Gods.

They also learn that humans belong to the faction known as Zeus’s Warriors (which will be the third book in the trilogy) who rose against the old Gods and drove them off the planet. It appears that a war is brewing which will result in possible extinction of the human race, but there is a smaller group of the shape shifting creatures who do not want to see this happen.

Author Michael West continues the story of the first Legacy of the Gods and takes the horror to another level. Introducing a twist in this tale of a battle to allow these shape shifting creatures to take over the world from mankind. This scribe, who also terrified fans with his tales of terror set in Indiana and his short stories, cranks things up with Hades’ Disciples. West writes action that cracks and his stories have a pace that never drags, along with these attributes, his characters are well drawn and his dialogue never hits a false note. The book is available in both eBook and paperback. Hades’ Disciples is a cracking read and earns a solid five star rating. Do not miss this one, if you are a fan of horror/science fiction and fantasy.

By Michael Smith


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