Miss Teen USA 2014 Is Miss South Carolina K. Lee Graham [Recap]

Miss Teen USA

The Miss Teen USA beauty pageant was held Saturday night and Miss South Carolina, K.Lee Graham, 17, from Chapin, South Carolina won and was crowned Miss Teen USA 2014. The pageant was held at the Grand Ballroom, Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas and it was broadcast by YouTube via the Miss Teen USA website and also by Xbox Live.

The Miss Teen USA beauty pageant could also be viewed on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U consoles, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and on tablets and smartphones through their respective YouTube apps. The hosts of the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant were Karl Jeno Schmid and Erin Brady.

There were 51 contestants for the Miss USA Teen Beauty Pageant, one from each of the states and one from Washington, D.C. The preliminary round of competitions was not broadcast, but it was held on Friday, August 1, 2014. Just the top 15 participated in the final competition, with the participants being judged on the basis of how they looked in evening gowns and swim suits. The top five, then, had to also answer a question by a member of the panel of judges, as one more factor in determining who the final winner would be. The five judges of the competition were Amber Katz, Christielle Lim, Fred Nelson, Joe Parisi, and Mallory Tucker.

The final 15 contestants of the Miss USA beauty pageant were Miss Wisconsin, Patience Vallier; Miss South Carolina, K.Lee Graham; Miss Texas, Kellie Stewart; Miss Arizona, Savannah Wix; Miss West Virginia, Lexsey Marrara; Miss Mississippi, Vaeda Mann; Miss Delaware, Mia Jones; Miss Pennsylvania, Sydney Robertson; Miss Tennessee, Morgan Moseley; Miss Indiana, Zoe Parker; Miss California, Bianca Vierra; Miss Oklahoma, Brooklynne Bond; Miss New Jersey, Valentina Sanchez; Miss Massachusetts, Bailey Medeiros; and Miss Michigan, Iris Robare.

The final five contestants of the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant were Miss South Carolina, K. Lee Graham; Miss New Jersey, Valentina Sanchez, who was the first runner-up; Miss California, Bianca Vierra, who was the third runner-up; Miss Pennsylvania, Sydney Robertson, the second runner-up; and Miss Mississippi, Vaeda Mann, who was the first runner-up.

This Miss Teen USA beauty pageant marked the first time since 2007 that Miss Jersey made the top five. It was also the second time that a Miss South Carolina won the competition. The first time was in 1998. It was just the second time that a Miss Mississippi made the top five, the first time being in 1998. The last time that Miss Arizona and Miss Massachusetts have been in the top 15 was in 2008. Also, this Miss Teen USA beauty pageant was the first one ever to be streamed live on an eighth generation video game console and the first one to be broadcast on YouTube.

Miss South Carolina, K. Lee Graham, was asked for her interview question how she thought that people 100 years from now would look back on and remember today’s teens. She answered that she hoped future teens would remember the teens of today as being agents of change.

The new Miss Teen USA, K. Lee Graham, would like to promote her Beauty Secrets campaign. It is her belief that being beautiful is not just about outside appearances. It is also about being happy with a person’s inner self and how someone treats others, rather than trying to attain some impossible model of beauty or perfection. She is a vegetarian, who says that kale is her favorite vegetable. Her actual first name is Katherine.

Other awards that the young, intelligent and beautiful women won included Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic. The Miss Congeniality award was won by Miss Pennsylvania, Sydney Robertson. The Miss Photogenic award was presented to Miss Alabama, Baskin Champion.

After Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham won, she was crowned by Miss Teen Usa 2013 Cassidy Wolf from California. Graham stated that it was literally a dream that had come true, as she has often dreamed about becoming the winner of a major beauty pageant.

Written By Douglas Cobb


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