Near Ferguson, Missouri a Second Man Shot to Death by Police

Near Ferguson, Missouri a Second Man Shot to Death by Police

Apparently a second man has been shot to death by police in Missouri not far from Ferguson. Two St. Louis city police officers have reportedly shot and killed a man who got within several feet of them. He was thrashing a knife around on Tuesday afternoon in a battle which was just a few miles from the troubled suburb where Michael Brown was shot and killed, stated police authorities.

The unidentified man, age 23, had allegedly taken a package of pastries and some energy drinks from an adjoining convenience store. Apparently the incident occurred around 1 p.m. at the location of Riverview and McLaran. The police explained that the man had reportedly attempted to rob the 5-Star Market convenience store while holding a knife.

The information was released by St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson as he spoke to the media. Chief Dotson explained that the man was acting unsteadily and pacing back and forth, up and down a street.

The chief stated that the two police officers repetitively ordered the man to put down the knife yet instead of doing so, Chief Dotson said that the man supposedly instead responded with a retort for police to shoot him now, “Kill me” he kept repeating. He also continued to inch closer toward one of the two officers and allegedly came within three to four feet of them. An eyewitness described the scene as looking like it was a “suicide by cop,” added the police chief.

When he was questioned about the pressures in the St. Louis area since Michael Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Chief Dotson explained that he believed anybody who had been watching television the past week must be extremely concerned. He added that it was very important that individuals know what occurred.

The police chief remained on scene after the shooting happened and spoke with numerous people who had congregated at the scene. He stated that the police were probing video and also asking any other individuals who might have video to come forward with the evidence.

When the man was challenged by the owner of the store, the man then began acting “strangely.” A second business owner called emergency dispatch for police and when the two officers arrived, the man allegedly drew the knife out again and was acting in a hostile manner.

The suspect reportedly never would reply to the verbal commands that were given from the two police officers when they informed him to stop. He was then fired upon. The police chief added that police officer safety is always considered issue number one as he spoke to the media following the shooting.

It has been reported that a huge group of people had gathered around the residential neighborhood where the shooting happened. There were individuals in the mob who started to chant “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That is in reference to a catchphrase which has become well-known with protesters showing solidarity with Michael Brown, the 18 year old who was also shot and killed by one of Ferguson, Missouri police officers back on Aug. 9.

St. Louis law enforcement was tangled in crowd control in Ferguson during the first few days of protesting after Brown’s death.

There was a hefty police occurrence at the scene of the second man’s killing and St. Louis police blocked off the intersection with yellow police tape. So not far from Ferguson, two St. Louis city police officers have reportedly shot and killed a man who got within several feet of them.

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  1. sideways   August 23, 2014 at 11:28 am

    I get it dry cleaned wkly..I totally agree with’s not really that you can put a price on a black man’s death but getting a crook, thief, knife wielding criminal off the streets is priceless..well hold on now ..what does 12bullets an a 1/4 task of gas cost..he got what he asked the video it’s cut an dry dude walks towards one cop with know in plain site saying “kill me kil me” then turn towards the other cop an well 12 pops later Ferguson is one citizen short..any questions?


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