New Google Nexus Devices Should Be Released Now

Google Nexus

This is the time that new Google Nexus devices should be released. It makes more sense to release something right now than wait until October or November. Not sure if that is the case considering the hot sales at the end of the year? Here are some considerations for Google to make.

People are expecting a new device. At the end of 2013, many were annoyed at the constant news of Google Nexus rumors. People were expecting a second generation Nexus 10 and were on the lookout for the Nexus 8 to be released. Dates came and went without any signs of a new device. People had purposely saved their money to buy something new from the tech giant and felt let down. Instead of buying an older model, many decided to jump ship to the competition. After all, the likes of Samsung and Apple had released new devices.

Fans of Google nexus devices are expecting something new again. They are willing to save up for the search engine giant’s devices and many are even willing to wait. However, people want something right now. It is better to get ahead and release something when people have the money and really want it.

Releasing something right now will also beat the competition. Apple and Samsung are both expected to release their new devices towards the end of the year. Based on previous years, the earliest is mid-September. A new Google Nexus device should be released right now to counter that and jump in while people are looking.

August is the time for many to look for new devices. College students want something before they go back to school and parents are looking for devices for their younger school children. It would make business sense to release something now, rather than only offering older devices. People are less willing to buy older devices when they know something could be release (or something will be release from the competition) over the next few months.

It will also give Google time to get the word out. Releasing something new at the end of October or the start of November does not give the company much time before the sales start. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are extremely popular times for tech devices being sold. People want them while they are cheap. Many are willing to wait that long, but there is the chance that Google’s competition will pull their prices down too much for the tech giant to compete with its extremely new stock.

Releasing new devices sooner will catch the people looking for something right this instant, and then give the company time to get the word out. Fans of devices will write reviews and tech bloggers will share their experiences, thoughts and feelings. These reviews are all helpful for others looking for the perfect device when it comes to the sales.

It makes no sense in waiting much longer. Google could really benefit this month. A new Google Nexus device should really be released right now, rather than letting the rumors continue any longer.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Epoch Times

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