Facebook Messenger Terms and Conditions Violating Privacy?

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Could the new Facebook Messenger terms and conditions be violating your privacy? That is something that some users claim, and has led to some deciding against downloading it. It is more of a problem for those using Android phones, and is a major issue as people are now forced to download the app.

Facebook recently announced that it was getting rid of the messenger option within the main application. It wants to improve the ability to use the part of the site on mobile devices, and has led to creating an individual app. Now when users click on the messages within the main app, the new Facebook Messenger app will be automatically opened.

However, the terms and conditions are questionable and have led to privacy complaints. Those who accept the conditions are allowing the social media giant to have access to contacts and even delete people and messages. Other parts of the terms and conditions gives Facebook the right to access the camera, which could mean taking photos and videos without your knowledge or approval.

It pays to read through legal documents like this before just agreeing. It is a tedious task at times, but certainly worth it to know just how a company can use a device. Having access to so much could lead to some serious privacy problems if the wrong people get access to information. Just think about the number of companies that have admitted security breaches over the last couple of years. Some of these have been companies running messenger applications.

There is also a growing concern that Facebook Messenger and other application terms and conditions are violating people’s privacy. With the internet constantly growing, there is always the worry that details are going to end up in the wrong hands. People just need names, dates of births and mother’s maiden names and identity fraud can take place. Much of that information is now extremely easy to get a hold of online.

Facebook is often involved in privacy issues. Over the last few years, the social media giant has constantly tried to get people to share more information, arguing that that is the point of social media. However, there is a major risk to users’ safety by doing that. Recently, the site has taken a step back by making status updates private by default, but there is still the suggestion that people make their profiles public to search engines.

It seems like the new terms and conditions for the app—an app that people are being forced to download if they want to continue using part of the site through smartphones—is adding to the aim of getting people to share more. The question is what the company will do with all this information and access to so much on a smartphone.

According to the tech giant it is only to make the experience better for a user. However, the argument is that there is no need to access the camera to make experiences better. There is also no need to be allowed to delete or add to contacts! It is a scary situation for many, and has led to the debate that the Facebook Messenger terms and conditions are violating privacy of users.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Margaret Mckendry   April 11, 2015 at 5:02 am

    How can I stop getting people trying to join up a site under a false profile so they can abuse me


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