Niall Horan Shoots Down One Direction Breakup Rumors


One Direction’s Niall Horan has shot down rumors that he and the rest of One Direction are going their separate ways and breaking up. The 20-year-old Ireland native denied the upcoming split while giving an interview to the Irish Sun.

In the interview, Horan was asked if there was any definitive truth to the speculation that has been rampant throughout the internet lately concerning a falling out between the boys. He replied that he and his band-mates were still going strong. and that they had no plans of separating anytime soon. He says that the four will keep making music as long as their fans want them to, and that they will do so as a team. In regard to speculation that some of the boys may go solo, Horan replied that the thought has never even entered his mind in the time he has been a part of One Direction. He went on to express the joy he experiences from working and performing with the other members of the band, and refuses to speculate about the career choices he would make for himself should the band eventually split up. The former X-Factor contestant also gave details concerning the band’s next album, which he says is to be released by the end of the year.

When asked to address the comment made earlier this month by One Direction founder Simon Cowell stating that the band had to inevitably end at some point, Horan assured worried fans that the former American Idol judge’s words were simply taken out of context. He says that in some instances, Cowell was possibly misquoted, leading to said fans scrambling to discover whether or not the band was actually going to break up. Indeed, Cowell’s statement that he saw the bands completing at least two more albums before going their separate ways, and adding that all good things must come to an end, certainly caused a panic among Directioners. Horan, however, has done his best to execute damage control on the situation by continuing to ensure the band’s solidarity.

This is not the first time rumors have circulated confirming a possible rift between the British boy band. Speculation regarding the possibility of a solo career launched by 20-year-old Harry Styles resurfaced at the beginning of July, after rumors that he had been feuding with the other members of the band on a regular basis. The news that the Worcestershire native had penned a track for pop princess Ariana Grande did nothing but add fuel to the flames, making One Direction fans fearful that Styles had gotten a taste of the solo life and would want to experience more of that freedom. Like Horan, Styles has denied these rumors, stating his intent to stay with his fellow band-mates for as long as the industry permits them to make music.

It remains to be seen how long One Direction will remain united as a group. However, Niall Horan has done his best to assure fans that he nor his band-mates will be making the decision to break up anytime soon.

by Rebecca Grace

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