Nicki Minaj New Video Wows: What Should Mothers Tell Their Daughters?

Nicki Minaj
There is no doubt that many are wowed by Nicki Minaj’s new video, Anaconda, released earlier this week, but mothers who watch the video may be wondering what to tell their daughters. On the one hand, Minaj represents a young, African-American female who successfully harnessed her creativity and used her confidence to make a name for herself and create a brand in just a few short years. Many mothers would probably encourage their daughters to go after their dreams in the same relentless way.

On the flip side of the coin, there are probably some mothers who would not encourage the blatant sexuality or the emphasis on physical attributes as the means to succeed. Anaconda celebrates Minaj’s bountiful curves and her bodacious confidence in ways that could conceivably make some mothers cringe. When considering her rise to stardom, however, more liberal thinking moms would have to give her credit for pursuing her dreams in such a bold way.

Minaj, born in 1982, moved to New York from Trinidad and Tobago when she was five. She found her passion for lyrics early in her schooling, attending LaGuardia High School, a school known for performing arts. Young Nicki, exposed to addiction and domestic violence as a child, found an escape in fantasy. She created alter egos for herself and developed a knack for shocking people with her outrageously colorful outfits and her outspoken boldness.

She seems to have skyrocketed to fame almost immediately after rapper Lil Wayne took her under his wing and began a mentoring relationship. Minaj went on to become a star in her own right. She appeared as a judge in the 12th season of American Idol and shared the stage with Madonna during the Super Bowl in 2012. Through it all, she continues to receive honors for her musical talent and her hard-hitting lyrics.

In the new Anaconda video, Nicki Minaj wows, revealing her propensity for celebrating herself, and ultimately, leaving some mothers wanting to know what they should tell their daughters. In the video, Nicki’s derriere figures prominently. In fact, the entire video seems to spotlight Minaj’s backside, which is rumored to be surgically enhanced. At one point, she gives rapper Drake a lap dance and the lyrics are arguably all about having something meaty to grab.

Though Minaj has admitted toning down her style and maturing some over the years since her career took off, the video might be considered a bit self-absorbed. She has achieved success as a rapper and television personality. Moreover, she could be on the verge of solidifying her place as an actress and an entrepreneur. Minaj has a perfume, Minajesty, currently being featured on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

Most mothers would likely be proud to see their daughters reach the level of success that Minaj has, but there are some likely to try to balance that success with some words of wisdom. Minaj has proven herself to be beautiful, spirited, and creative. Her brash confidence and courage are no doubt something to be admired and cultivated in young women. In the new Anaconda video, however, the wows over Nicki Minaj’s rear end might realistically supersede the credibility and the respect she has gained leaving some mothers wondering what to tell their daughters.

Opinion by Constance Spruill

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  1. Daniel   August 24, 2014 at 9:20 am

    Great video.
    ****Father Alert****
    If your daughter likes this song, be sure she knows that popping pills and having sex with coke dealers (actual song content) is fine for millionaire, Nicki Minaj….but if you are NOT Nicki Minaj, such behavior will almost certainly lead a young girl to life in a filthy alley with a pair of dirty knees. (the harsh truth)


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