One Direction’s Harry Styles Takes Ice Bucket Challenge to New Heights [Video]


Harry Styles, member of the world-dominating boy band One Direction, is the latest to put his own spin on the highly coveted ALS Ice Bucket challenge by taking the event to new heights. The singer took to Instagram early Thursday afternoon to share the video of him completing the task.

For his version of the event, Styles stood several stories below the individual holding the bucket of ice water, who was situated on the balcony of an undisclosed building. The elevated height of the water dumping lead to Styles being hit much harder with the ice-cold liquid than he would have been had the event occurred on land. Before taking on the experience, the 20 year-old made sure to enlist his own participants in the event, as well as reminding those involved to donate to the cause. Those challenged by the Worcestershire native included Irving Azoff, Kanye West, Susan Sarandon, and Ben Winston. Styles, himself, was nominated by actor Zach Braff.

Although he was the first one to complete the challenge in such a unique manner, Styles is not the first member of One Direction to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 22-year-old Louis Tomlinson completed the task by having two buckets of ice water dumped on him, following which he jumped off the dock he was on into the water nearby, thus to relieve himself of the cold.

Many fans wondered whether Tomlinson would ever actually go through with the challenge, having been nominated by fellow band member Niall Horan back when the challenge was first reaching its height of popularity. Liam Payne took on the task with a little help from his fans, who surrounded the 20 year-old with buckets of ice water and drenched him with them upon being given the green light.

The only one of the boys to have yet not taken part in the challenge is Branford Bad Boy (a nickname jokingly applied by Tomlinson in one of the band’s behind-the-scenes moments) Zayn Malik. No word has yet been given about Malik’s intention to complete it. He is currently experiencing a devastating family tragedy, upon finding out the news that his three year-old cousin has a brain tumor. The family has been asking the public and loved ones for prayers for the young girl’s recovery.

Styles is not the first celebrity to put his own spin on the challenge. It has become a sort of recent trend to complete the challenge in a less than routine way, in order to keep the event interesting. Actor Ben Affleck took his wife Jennifer Garner along for the ride, pulling her into the family’s pool with him upon his completion of the challenge.

Charlie Sheen disappointed many people who take the event very seriously by choosing to dump a bucket of money on his head instead of the usual ice water. Sheen defended his actions by stating he would give all the money dumped on him to charity, a donation he felt was far more generous than the suggested $100.

Harry Styles is the latest celebrity to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in his own way. It remains to be seen whether or not all of those challenged by the singer will rise to the task.

by Rebecca Grace

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