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Gamers that have a current PlayStation Plus membership can look for some more free game downloads in September. The month of September will see a total of six free games across Sony’s consoles.

On September 2, PlayStation 4 users will be able to download Velocity 2X for free on the day it is released. This sequel to Velocity Ultra brings a new game style to the top-down spacecraft shooter as players will now go through sections of levels on foot. While most games have trouble switching between game formats, developer FuturLab has kept both the game controls for the top-down and platform areas the same. While the spacecraft can teleport through walls and shoot in all directions, so can the character on foot. This helps blend both formats so that the player will have an easy time switching between the two. The levels start and end in the spacecraft, but the platform areas aid in finishing each level. The graphics have been updated from the previous entry and players will notice that the busy backgrounds and smooth animations make this more than any regular indie game. Velocity 2X is a new title and no price has been set yet. Downloading the PS4 version also makes the PS Vita version available to download for free as well.

PlayStation 4 users can also look forward to Sportfriends. Originally released in May, Sportfriends is a collection of four multiplayer games. There is a jousting game, a pole vaulting game, a zone capture game, and a brawler game. All games are simplified and can be picked up and played by almost any gamer. Each game type has different stages for players to choose from with different layouts and challenges. This arcade multiplayer game supports up four players locally. Sportfriends is usually priced at $14.99. Downloading the PS4 version of Sportfriends also makes the PS3 version available to download for free as well.

PlayStation 3 users can look forward to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Originally released in November of 2012, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is Sony’s own take on the brawler fighting games. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale features characters from various games throughout the PlayStation consoles. Sweet Tooth, Sackboy, Kratos, and many more characters fight in stages that also pay homage to many different Sony classics. What PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale brings new to the fighting arena is that instead of using health bars, fighting is based around building up Super Meters that make the player’s moves more powerful. More powerful moves result in more wins. Where other fighting games encourage blocking and defense, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale encourages action and fighting. Players can fight locally and online as both support up to four players. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is usually priced at $19.99. Downloading the PS3 version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale also makes the PS Vita version available to download for free as well.

PlayStation 3 users can also look forward to Hoard. Originally released in November of 2010, Hoard is an action-strategy game where players control a dragon and burn down towns to collect gold. Players use both controls sticks to control the dragon. The left stick moves the dragon and the right stick controls the fire breathing. Players get a tilted top-down view and each town resembles a board game. As the dragon moves around the town, it will be met with various obstacles such as archers, knights, and launching weaponry. Hoard supports multiplayer up to four players on one console and online. Hoard is usually priced at $9.99.

A PlayStation Plus membership this September will give access to a total of nine different console versions of six games for free. Sony’s Cross-Buy feature is available for the games that are available as a free download. Once the game is in the user’s library, the other versions will become free as well.

PS Vita users can also look forward to Joe Danger free on the day it is released. Players control Joe, a stuntman that goes through each stage on his motorcycle completing difficult stunts. The PS Vita version will receive the bonus content found on other consoles and will get 84 levels and 25 total characters to play as. The PS Vita will also get the level editor so that players can create countless additional stages to play on. The PS Vita version has also been optimized with touch screen controls to use with the menus and level editor. Joe Danger is a new title and no price has been set yet.

PS Vita users can also look forward to TxK. Originally released in February, TxK is the successor to the game Tempest 2000 and plays almost identically to the remake of Tempest, but with some improvements. TxK takes the tube-shooter and gives it morphing abilities. The biggest change to the Tempest formula is that levels and enemies now morph during gameplay to add some difficulty. The neon vector graphics and bouncy soundtrack help the game feel both classic and new. TxK is usually priced at $9.99.

An active PlayStation Plus membership is required to install the above games for free in the month of September. Users are able to visit the online store and redeem the downloads at no charge. The user can then turn on their Sony console and the game should install automatically.

By Raul Hernandez


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