Rare Video Emerges of a Teenage Katy Perry On Tour

A rare video has recently emerged detailing a 17-year-old Katy Perry on tour, playing acoustic Christian music in attempt to kick-start her career. The video in question was recorded back in 2001.

The video, which was shot by film and video professional Jim Standridge, details the now international superstar’s worries concerning both her home life and her education, as well as her potential to succeed. She had just been signed by Red Hill Records, and was currently on her way to a small show in Portland, Oregon. The footage shows Perry expressing her discontent at having redone her hair multiple times in an attempt to look good for the crowd, as well as confessing to having had to repeat ninth grade twice after failing to be successful the first time. She is also in tears over the fact that she misses her parents, from whom she has been away from for quite some time at the time of the video.

Perry also expressed her worry that people she might know would see her from the audience, and would dislike her if her performance was anything less than stellar. She voiced her discontent at her appearance, calling herself a “pizza face” due to her self-proclaimed prominent acne, and also confessing to the fact that she thought she was conceited. The then teenager’s experience was not all negative, however, as she went on to detail her enthusiasm in regards to touring with Christian bands. She referred to the experience as akin to being on vacation all the time.

Perry’s fears that she would never become a household name went unwarranted. Since 2008, the now 29-year-old has been climbing the pop charts with her upbeat and controversial music. Her debut smash hit, I Kissed A Girl, was the lead single off of her second studio album, entitled One of the Boys. Her third album Teenage Dream, which was released in 2010, provided the California native with three number one hits; Firework, E.T., and Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.). The album provided Perry with the record-breaking statistic of first female artist to produce five number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100, a feat which was matched only by international superstar Michael Jackson, who passed away in June of 2009.

The singer has also made a name for herself in terms of her romantic interests over the years. She married British comedian Russell Brand in October of 2010, in a ceremony that was performed in Rajasthan, India. The two announced their plans to divorce just over a year later, with Brand filing the papers. Perry later gave the statement that her husband filed the papers in order to protect the feelings of her parents, devout Catholics who would have been incredibly displeased had they learned of their daughter filing for divorce. The singer then went on to date infamous serial dater John Mayer, who has been romantically linked to several Hollywood actresses and singers, included Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift. The two have since terminated their relationship, which was on and off for several years.

Katy Perry herself has not yet given a statement regarding the release of the recent video detailing her life experiences at 17 years of age. Her fans however, have expressed nothing but joy at seeing the Part of Me singer in her former days of pre-stardom.

by Rebecca Grace

Sydney Morning Herald

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