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Robin Williams Selfish for Suicide?


Robin Williams

While many people are pouring out their condolences and sympathies after hearing of the death of Robin Williams, some have attacked him for being selfish for committing suicide. It happens all the time. There is always someone who likes to post something negative.

However, there will be people out there with the same view—and they will just not have the confidence to state it publicly online. Many carry the view of suicide being a selfish act, especially when it happens under the circumstances surrounding Williams. It is often seen as the easy way out for people to avoid dealing with the problems that they are battling with.

There is a view that it is the friends and family members who have to pick up the pieces afterwards. While the man who killed himself has escaped his problems, the friends and family members deal with the loss and grief that comes from that. The 63-year-old actor left behind a wife and children who will have to say goodbye to him sooner than they ever expected.

Another side of it is that life insurance policies do not pay out for suicide in most cases. While the actor’s family will not likely struggle financially, there are plenty of people who do kill themselves and leave their families in extremely difficult financial positions. Money is often one of the reasons for individuals to commit suicide so that they can escape their problems, but it causes further problems for the people around them.

This was certainly not the case for the Mork & Mindy actor. However, some will still view Williams as being selfish for committing suicide. He has still left people behind who will not grieve.

One thing to consider is the pain and darkness that he was going through. Depression still carries a stigma and only those who have been through it or work within that industry really understand just how difficult it can be. It is a vicious cycle too, as depression brings physical darkness and that affects the mood negatively.

If all the information is true, it is unlikely that Williams was in a position to consider how his actions would affect others. He may have even thought that doing this was better for his family. They would no longer suffer from his alcoholism or drug abuse and he would not hurt people with his words.

It seems like he had tried to fight his depression. At the start of July he was in rehab. While his representatives said that he was there to refocus on his career, it seems now like he was there to battle his mental health issues. He tried to get help but on this occasion it just does not seem to have worked.

Rather than attacking someone for their decisions, it would be better for people to support those who have lost a husband, father, son and friend. Unfortunately, that is not the way that the world works. There are some that just seem to like to take the high road, which has been the case for some of those who claim Williams was selfish for committing suicide.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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