Robin Williams Touched the Hearts and Souls of Millions With His Words [Video]


The comedian, actor, father, and husband Robin Williams has made an impact on the world by touching the hearts and souls of millions with his words. Williams passed away on Monday August 11, apparently by taking his own life and was suffering from severe depression.

Williams’ death has hit a painful nerve with people all across the globe, many in denial that such a brilliant mind and passionate spirit has expired. Since his departure, a deep sadness seems to have blanketed the nation as the memories of the astounding joy that he brought to his viewers plays back like a familiar film.

This famous quote from Williams has been popping up on news broadcasts, internet websites, and social media: “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Williams was constantly ad-libbing and creating new humorous phrases on a whim, always surprising his co-stars with his remarkable acting abilities and offbeat characters. For example, during his time on the Mork and Mindy TV show, Williams improvisation skills were so impressive that the writers from the sitcom would purposely leave blank moments in the script so that he could fill it with his own wit.

During the egg scene, the actor began talking to an egg thinking it was one of his alien cohorts. He throws the egg up in the air while yelling, “Fly be free!” After the egg cracks on the kitchen counter, Williams pushes it into the sink saying, “Well, I guess we will have to have a quick burial at sea then.”

Williams dressed up as a quick-witted old lady in Mrs. Doubtfire, constantly adding random amusing phrases in between his scripted lines. In the cooking scene, one of his best lines was: “My first day as a woman and I’m getting hot flashes.” Williams made up the line after his character’s fake breasts caught on fire while trying to cook his first meal.

The comedian toned his regular funny-man routine down a bit for Good Will Hunting, portraying a psychologist who was counseling Matt Damon. Williams improvised during one part of the movie in describing his wife by saying, “She used to fart in her sleep. One night it was so loud it woke the dog.” Robin Williams also touched the hearts and souls of millions with his words in the park bench scene, where he tells Damon about life and the real-life experiences that the young man lacks.

In the film Dead Poets Society, Williams inspired a group of students to write poetry and gave them confidence to “seize the day.” One of the actor’s best-loved scenes was when he motivated a young man, making the student realize that he could be a great poet if he reached deep down inside himself to find the words.

In Hook, Williams played Peter Pan all grown up and had to fight Captain Hook to rescue his children after they were kidnapped. The timid Peter Pan goes back to Neverland and has to remember how to fly and regain his confidence in order to stand up to the pirate. The “insults at dinner” clip showed Williams portraying a character that was vulnerable at the beginning, but regained his assertiveness in the end. Hook makes the viewer remember that no matter a person’s age, it is important to remain young at heart.

Robin Williams did an excellent job of reminding everyone of this, whether in his movies or in real life. He touched the hearts and souls of millions with his words and will be remembered for his quirky sense of humor. But most importantly, Williams will always be honored for his unending fervor, joy and talent that he shared with the world.

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

Opinion By Amy Nelson

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