Sean Bean Unexpectedly Survives Reddit Unharmed

Sean Bean

The English actor Sean Bean unexpectedly survived Reddit unharmed yesterday. The star of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings showed up alive on Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) to talk up the upcoming August 13 premier of the TNT series Legends and to mix it up with fans. By the end of the hour long conversation, excited fans realized he was not going to die mid-sentence. For those who missed the excitement, here are the high points of the night.

Sean Bean loves his food, Yorkshire style: Neck of lamb (Mum’s specialty), meat and potato pie with gravy, Cornish pasty, Henderson’s relish, fish and chips, a pint of Guinness. Yorkshire lasses listening in on the thread rushed down to their local shop to buy out all the Henderson’s they could get their hands on. The subject of food came up often. An early question of the night asked what comfort food he enjoyed, and some American readers got the immediate impression that the 55 year-old actor needed to slow down: chocolate, tinned custard, bananas, milkshakes. It was clear the actor’s cosmopolitan London lifestyle has not put a damper on his Yorkshire palate.

The best Hollywood anecdote of the night: during the filming of National Treasure (2004), a drunken Nicholas Cage accidentally smashed a prehistoric cave bear skull during a game of pool and he and Sean Bean later buried it in a field. Other anecdotes included the time Harrison Ford hit him in the eye with a boat hook during the filming of Patriot Games (1992), and the time the actor got injured by a horse during the filming of Sharpe’s Justice (1997). This is the guy, after all, who ordered another pint after getting stabbed in a London pub in June of 2011.

Questions about Game of Thrones  and Lord of the Rings were fast and furious. When asked by a Game of Thrones fan why Ned Stark did not teach Jon Snow anything, Sean Bean answered in amusement, “F..k Jon Snow. The little bastard!” Snow fan-boies gaped in amazement. Everyone else laughed. The actor recalled fondly working with Viggo Mortensen, Lena Headey and Richard Harris. One of the actor’s favorite scenes in Game of Thrones was with the young Isaac Hempstead Wright who played Brandon Stark.

Richard Sharpe in Sharpe’s Rifles was one of Sean Bean’s favorite roles. American fans may be unfamiliar with the English TV movie series (16 total) which ran on PBS in the late 1990s. Sean Bean played Officer Sharpe, the commander of an elite group of rifleman during the Penninsular War in Spain in the 19th century. The movies were based on the novels of Bernard Cornwell. During the filming of one of the early Sharpe movies, Sean Bean recalled the dangers of the set when one of the actors was accidently injured by a sword. The actor keeps a collection of swords; one of them, an original 19th century cavalry sword like the one Richard Sharpe might have used.

Sean Bean rocks for Sheffield United football. The actor recounted his experience in the role of Sheffield footballer Jimmy Muir in the 1996 movie When Saturday Comes, counting it as one of the most exciting of his life. When asked who should be on the famous Iron Throne of Westeros, he comically answered Nigel Clough, Sheffield’s famous manager.

Fans of fantasy fiction films, which Sean Bean is famous for starring in, asked whether he would be interested in a role in the upcoming Warner Bros franchise based on Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern novels. The actor’s response: “Yeah, that’d be good. I’ve never ridden a dragon before!”

Sean Bean is set to star in the upcoming crime-thriller Legends which premiers on TNT on August 13. He plays Martin Odum, an FBI agent who can change identity for every undercover operation.

By Steve Killings

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