Sean Kingston Sued Over Unpaid Jewelry

Sean Kingston is currently being sued over lack of payment regarding various pieces of expensive jewelry. The lawsuit has been filed by a New York City jeweler, who states that incidences of non-payment occurred several times between 2008-2013.

The lawsuit details the jewelers claims that Kingston purchased over $200,000 worth of merchandise from NYC’s Avi Da Jeweler, but never actually provided any monetary funds for the purchases. The jeweler behind the lawsuit goes to say that the 24-year-old wrote multiple checks during the aforementioned time span, but none of them were successfully cashed. The claimant alleges that although many efforts were made to deposit the checks given, each one of them bounced.

The jewelry in question was said to include several watches and chains, two of which were engraved with Kingston’s initials. The collection purchased by the singer also included a diamond piece which featured a depiction of Jesus, and a chain designed for a belly button piercing. There were also two pieces of lesser value, a cubic zirconia necklace and bracelet. The lawsuit also contained further claims by the jeweler that the Miami native never came through on his promise to return a $12,000 ring that was loaned to him to use on the set of 106 & Park, a television show aired on the BET network. The total amount the jeweler is asking for Kingston to pay is $226,200, as well as an added $1 million for punitive damages.

This is not the first time the Beautiful Girls hit-maker has been involved with the law. Last August, he was sued for an alleged gang rape involving an intoxicated teenage girl. Carissa Capeloto, who was 22 at the time of the lawsuit, claimed that she was forcibly made to engage in intercourse with the singer, as well as his bodyguard and a member of his band. She says the incident occurred while she was both under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, having had multiple shots of vodka during the night. She also alleges she was invited to Kingston’s hotel room under false pretenses, this being the false invitation to a Justin Bieber meet-and-greet that followed the concert which had taken place earlier that night. The woman goes on to claim that after she arrived at the hotel room, she was forced to engage in activities she was unable to consent to due to her aforementioned intoxication. Capeloto attributes her escape from the situation to her friend, whom she says rescued her from the room a short while later and took her to the nearest hospital. She says medical officials then treated her for physical injuries that were consistent with having been raped. The woman requested a minimum of $5 million due to loss of sleep, panic attacks and mood swings. Kingston flat-out denied the rape allegations, confirming that the two had intercourse but saying that it was entire consensual and the woman was fully aware of the proceedings. The case was previously dropped in 2010 after authorities concluded that Capeloto’s case was nowhere near credible enough to warrant a conviction.

It remains to be seen what will come of the most recent lawsuit against Sean Kingston. Neither the singer nor his representatives have yet given any statement regarding the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

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