Selena Gomez Takes Selfie in Justin Bieber’s Bathroom?

Selena Gomez has apparently taken a selfie in Justin Bieber’s bathroom, or so it seems in one of her most recent pictures. The 22-year-old singer-actress took to Instagram to share a picture of herself in what appears to be the Canadian pop star’s bathroom, judging by the colored tiles under the sink.

Gomez posted the picture late Friday night, with the caption detailing her self-proclaimed procrastination when it came to checking posts made by her fans, and informing them she was going to bed soon. Many fans are extremely curious surrounding the last part of the caption, which seemed to insinuate the Come & Get It singer was going to hit the hay following the social media update. Given that the picture appeared to be taken in Bieber’s bathroom, this fueled the already sparked discussion of a “Jelena” reunion, which has been spreading like wildfire over the internet these past few weeks.

The evidence surrounding whether or not it was, in fact, Bieber’s bathroom leads back to a selfie the Toronto native posted a short while ago, which showed the multicolored decor below the sink in full view. The pattern almost exactly matches the below mirror tile in Gomez’s recent Instagram picture, save for the effects of a filter the Texas native chose to use before uploading. Although the image’s filter makes the picture look slightly altered, the repeated pattern of white, dark grey and light blue tiles is easily distinguished.

The on-again-off-again relationship between the two has reportedly been on again in the past few weeks. Sources close to the pair say that they are trying to work things out, hoping to reconcile for a final time after discussing what went wrong in every other instance. Bieber and Gomez even reportedly went to church together in an effort to become better people, and Bieber recently took to Instagram to post a Bible verse that detailed the necessity of suffering in order to realize what is truly important. Earlier this week, the two were spotted in close company at a movie theater, at which time a photograph was taken of Gomez kissing Bieber’s cheek. Bieber uploaded the picture to a social media site, followed by him almost immediately taking it down. The two reportedly spent all of last weekend together, even going so far as to exchange the L-word back and forth and label themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend once more.

The two have been breaking up and making up since 2011. They quickly became Hollywood’s hottest teen couple, and were going strong for quite some time before trouble hit paradise. Gomez reportedly became frustrated with what she thought was Bieber surrounding himself with bad influences and in turn making bad decisions. The relationship hit a breaking point when Bieber got arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), and the rumors of him associating with multiple other women did nothing to help their relationship.

It is unclear, as of yet, whether or not Selena Gomez did indeed spend the night at Justin Bieber’s home. Neither one of the pop stars has given an official statement regarding the matter. However, the two certainly seem to be making an effort to amend their relationship.

by Rebecca Grace

Hollywood Life

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  1. Simba British Blue   August 24, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Totally cool. I never believe any news that say they are NOT together anyway. They were made for each other, and all the other stuff is media BS. I am very happy for them:)

  2. david conway (@DconwayDavid)   August 23, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    im so sorry that ,, i am so bossy just over with every one on line internet , please understand that ,i am on my own and getting hurt to much , i love to blame my self and it,s my fault as well , i do,nt mean to be that mean on line internet ,,

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