SLS Las Vegas Open Flashy Friendly Fun (Video)

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SLS Las Vegas Open: Flashy Friendly Fun

The Las Vegas SLS open last night, August 22, was flashy, friendly fun. The event itself was a glittery combination of celebs, politicians, beautiful people and fireworks. There were areas that featured the best food imaginable with Bazaar Meat offering raw oyster as well as caviar. With cuisine like that on offer, it did not take a rocket scientist to figure out why the queue was so long for that eatery.

The evening began at 7 p.m. with a red carpet entrance for those VIP members of society and entertainment. OK!TV was there, in the guise of the beautiful Mayleen Ramey, to catch all who strolled down the carpet toward the hotel and casino.

SLS Las Vegas Open: Flashy Friendly Fun
Mayleen Ramey from OK! TV with Michael Smith at SLS red carpet.

Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie was fashionably late and arrived with his gorgeous wife Bernadette and daughter Alexandra. One of the last arrivals on the carpet for the special night was Wynter Gordon, aka Diana Eve Paris Gordon. On a sidenote, Wynter’s latest single Everything Burns, recorded with The Righteous Young, was released June this year.

SLS Las Vegas Open: Flashy Friendly Fun
Wynter Gordon Singer/Songwriter fashionably late and gorgeous with it.

Inside the casino, the beautiful people were everywhere. Gorgeous frocks for the ladies along with suit and tie, or tux, for the gents was the dress code of the evening. Set against a backdrop of gaming tables, which were staffed but not being used until midnight, and quiet slot machines, the place was full of people, food, booze and bars.

The staff who manned the SLS Las Vegas open event were friendly, fun, and helpful to all during the entire flashy evening of “show and tell” set up by SBE who own the hotel and gambling enterprize.

SLS Las Vegas Open: Flashy Friendly Fun
Just one example of why the term “beautiful people” apply to those in the Casino.

During the evening attendees could choose from several eateries in the casino. The Griddle, the Katsuya, Cleo, Ku Noodle, Umami Burger and sports bar, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, The SLS Buffet and even The Perq, the hotel’s “coffee house.”

For those who wanted to spend their time looking at the various things going on, a plethora of staff wandered around the casino floor with samples of the cuisine available. Another equally impressive amount of men and women also had various drinks on hand for tasting, from wine to cocktails the drinks were as bountiful as the food.

The main places for entertainment were the Life nightclub with access to its own rooftop pool, The Sayers Club and the Foxtail nightclub with its pool stage. Live music is the specialty of The Sayers Club and a lot of lucky people were able to listen to Lenny Kravitz sing live in the intimate feeling club. It is worth mentioning that Lenny also designed some of the suites for the hotel.

SLS Las Vegas Open: Flashy Friendly Fun
The view poolside at The Foxtail nightclub, 3D imagery in sync with the music.

Not too long after Mr. Kravitz wowed the audience inside club, and the folks standing outside in the Beer Garden section of the Sports Bar, it was time for those who were interested to move to one of pools to wait for the fireworks.

The Foxtail pool was the perfect spot to wait for the midnight fireworks show which outshined the desert stars. The pool area with its VIP cabanas, poolside stage and, on the night of the open, lots of tasty tidbits, cooked fresh by José Andrés and his plentiful numbers of assistants, is a great place to relax and when the skies are not alight with a powerful display from “Fireworks by Grucci” the walls surrounding the pool are lit up with 3D displays that match the music.

SLS Las Vegas Open: Flashy Friendly Fun
Fireworks by Grucci

The tumultuous display of bright lights and explosions set against a backdrop of music was a great flashy fun way to end the evening’s celebrations. The Las Vegas, SLS open was friendly, good natured and impressive. As the fireworks faded from the skyline, the applause from the gathered crowd around the pool was not only for the display just witnessed, but also for a job well done by all the staff at the new SLS.

By Michael Smith


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