‘Sons of Guns’ Canceled After Cast Member’s Molestation Arrest

sons of guns
The hit Discovery series Sons of Guns has been indefinitely canceled following the arrest of lead cast member Will Hayden for child molestation. Discovery made the announcement earlier today.

Hayden was placed under arrest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Saturday afternoon. He was booked for molestation of a child and a crime against nature, which is known as an aggravated offense. The man tells another story, however. He says the whole incident was orchestrated by his ex-girlfriend and mother of one of his children, who he claims is on a vendetta against him after he terminated their relationship. The Sons of Guns star says that the child in question was even interviewed by social services following the woman’s initial reporting of him to the police for the alleged molestation of their child, and that the girl was returned home shortly after. He believes the mother is acting out of upset that he is raising their daughter with his new wife. Hayden’s oldest daughter has given the statement that there was never any inappropriate behavior initiated around her or her sister at the hands of her father, expressing her view that he has always been a good parent. The Sons of Guns star was released from jail shortly after posting a bond of $150,000.

The 49 year-old’s alibi quickly fell apart, however, when the daughter in question backed up her mother allegations. Recently acquired arrest documents detail the girl’s admittance of her father’s actions, stating that the Sons of Guns cast member took her virginity at the age of 11. She went on to say the molestation continued almost every day, but that she refrained from alerting authorities due to having been threatened physically by her father. He reportedly told her not to say anything to anyone, because he was all she had. Hayden was subsequently locked up again, this time with an added child rape charge. After a warrant for the man’s arrest was executed, he was tracked down in Livingston, Louisiana.

A representative for the Discovery Channel gave a statement regarding the cancellation of the series, referring to the situation concerning Hayden’s molestation charges as horrific and extremely serious. They went on to say that due to the nature of the circumstances which he is involved with, the network was left with no choice but to axe the series permanently, as the show being put on hiatus was not a viable option. The show’s other cast members have not yet made any statements regarding their feelings on the show’s cancellation, nor towards Hayden’s current situation. As well as no longer being able to appear on Sons of Guns, Hayden also lost the gun company which he is affiliated with. Shortly following the announcement of Hayden’s second arrest, Red Jacket Firearms announced that they were cutting off all ties with the former Discovery Channel star.

It is unclear what will become of Hayden’s recent arrest for child molestation and rape, although authorities involved are handling the matter with extreme seriousness. However, those at Discovery have made it extremely clear that they have no desire to continue airing Sons of Guns on their network.

by Rebecca Grace

Washington Times
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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  1. Craig   September 11, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Well I hope for the best for will and his family.
    I just hope the truth comes out !!!!!!
    I hope it is a lie.


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