Technology News: GLV Daily Digest for August 12, 2014

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The Technology News Daily Digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 12, 2014 includes stories about the projected consumer reception of Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the White House’s acquisition of a Google Engineer, and the anticipated fever of Oculus Rift and virtual reality in gaming. The White House may be attempting to update its own technological presence in a fashion that is not too dissimilar from Microsoft’s own attempts, while Palmer Luckey and Oculus Rift sets their sights on altering the immersion quality of video games indefinitely.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has received little praise, with a growing number of users ignoring Microsoft’s warnings that it will end-user support in January and opting to downgrade back to Windows 7 for a preferable browsing experience. Surface Pro, a line of tablets running the operating system have even been unable to sway popular opinion. In the wake of a new ad campaign that draws comparisons between the Surface Pro 3 and the more successful Apple MacBook Air, consumers are still opting to purchase the product of a Microsoft competitor despite the included stylus and other additional features about which the company boasts. Microsoft’s financial losses have been on a steady rise since the release of its first Surface tablet, with losses totaling in $1.7 billion.

Google Engineer at the White House

Google Engineer, Mikey Dickerson is the newest addition to the White House’s team of tech support employees. During last year’s failure of the hotly debate, Dickerson was convinced to permanently leave his position at the multi-million dollar corporation in favor of a government job. When asked by reporters for the New York Times, Dickerson commented that he could not turn the opportunity down. The engineer has been given a team of his own to lead in maintaining and fixing bugs in a host of government websites. Since beginning the job, Dickerson has succeeded in bringing a Silicon Valley flair to the IT department by using wall-mounted glowing screens as a visual aid for the data servers. Dickerson has declined to comment on whether or not a number of other government websites were as in dire condition as had been.

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality is a teasing concept that persistently eluded consumers for years until recently, when products like the Oculus Rift were announced. Created by Palmer Luckey, the wearable tech is capable of transporting users to what can feel like another location through immersive sensory projection. Luckey believes that widespread use of virtual reality technology is an inevitable part of the future. Luckey remarked that the technology will begin to proliferate when more manufacturers begin to delve into the largely untapped niche, which could eventually result in seeing the virtual reality headset as prevalent has the household television set. The technology itself has yet to be perfected, with the developing techs themselves admitting that the user interface and component technologies being of greatest concern. The optimism displayed by the Oculus’ creator could still be premature, as several testers have complained that the device can make them feel “uneasy” or “queasy.”

The Technology News Commentary By Faye Barton

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