Technology News: GLV Daily Digest for August 13, 2014


The Technology News Daily Digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 13, 2014 includes stories about the next flagship generation of iPad tablet from Apple, troubling business politics between car service competitors, Uber and Lyft, and the release of a new phone that may allude to Samsung’s desire to emulate Apple. Recent news could indicate an impending face-off between some of the nation’s top tech companies.


Apple’s iPad is still one of the most popular tablets among choosy consumers. As of May 2013, the iPad 2 was the top-selling tablet among its competitors. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s suppliers are currently in the process of assembling a new line of iPads that the company recently ordered. Bloomberg elected not to name its sources, but the magazine claimed that a new 9.7 inch iPad is currently under construction, and that a smaller than Apple’s current iPad mini measuring at 7.9 inches is also on its way. The tablets are expected to be released for consumer purchase by the end of this year. Foxconn, the supplier in question declined to comment on the assertion that the project under construction is indeed the newest addition to Apple’s flagship tablet line.

Uber v.s. Lyft

Smartphone-based car company, Uber has been accused of deliberately attempting to sabotage several of the drivers from its rival transportation company, Lyft. Lyft claims that an approximate 177 employees of its competitor attempted to frustrate Lyft drivers and customers by canceling 5,000 rides shortly after requesting them. Uber responded by calling the allegations “baseless and simply untrue.” The company further claimed that employees of Lyft have canceled a larger total of 12,900 Uber trips and that the accusations are merely a strategy intended to coerce Uber executives into absorbing Lyft. The Tuesday statement alleged that Lyft shareholders had adamantly insisted that Uber acquire Lyft, under threat of Lyft “going nuclear.” The two companies appear to be at smartphone-based war and with little indication of who cast the first blow, customers are left to watch the fray and speculate on which company will be the safer consumer option.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha is set to replace the Galaxy S5 as the company’s flagship smartphone. The highly anticipated device is set for release on August 13. After a recent leak of images of the device appeared on the internet, the device was immediately compared to Apple’s iPhone 5. Gadget and tech sites have apparently already decided that the Alpha is Samsung’s highest quality mobile device to date. The phone will have a smaller than typical for Samsung phones, 4.7 inch display, a fixed home button, and metal frame. The phone contains Samsung’s Exynos 5433 quad-core processor, Android KitKat, 2GB RAM, and a 12 MP front-facing selfie camera. Unconfirmed rumors are claiming that the device will attempt to rival Apple’s unreleased iPhone 6 by including a biometric fingerprint scanner amidst the phone’s already impressive specs. It appears that the battle between the two companies could heat up again this fall.

The Technology News Commentary By Faye Barton

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